Ghost Path VPN Review – Unblock Netflix and Other Online Media

Ghost Path VPN Review – Unblock Netflix and Other Online Media

Ghost Path is a VPN provider that came to our attention recently. We’re always looking to find great internet companies that not everyone knows about, and Ghost Path fits that bill perfectly.
VPN providers like Ghost Path allow customers to browse the internet securely by encrypting the connection between an ISP and a website or service. Encrypting that connection means that your ISP can’t see what data you’re transmitting and the service you’re connecting to can’t see where you’re located or who your ISP is. This allows you to control exactly what information about you is being broadcast online.
Something that Ghost Path focuses on is providing security over free and public Wi-Fi connections that are open (don’t require a password to connect). It seems like people are finally catching on to some of the downsides of free WiFi. It definitely makes it a little easier to check your email in an airport, but there’s a definite security risk that you’re taking. Using Ghost Path’s software will make sure that hackers aren’t able to view your data while you’re using free WiFi.
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Ghost Path software Review

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The Ghost Path software is simple enough to install and get started with. Just download the software from their site and install it. There are versions for Windows and Mac OS X. Once the software is installed you just need to enter your username and password. Ghost Path automatically chooses the VPN gateways closest to you and configures them for you to connect to. We were able to connect to a server in Miami within 3 minutes of downloading the software from the Ghost Path website.
The Ghost Path client offers plenty of options for customizing your VPN connection. You can choose from a huge variety of servers to connect to as well as have the option to automatically rotate IP addresses, protect against DNS leaks (both class IPv4 and the newer IPv6), and a lot more.

Ghost Path VPN Review

Ghost Path’s VPN itself worked extremely well for us in our test. We were always able to get fast, consistent connections. The speed was better and more consistent than we’ve been able to get with other providers.
We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Ghost Path’s logging policy. They don’t keep logs about user activity, which is almost a requirement for a VPN provider to be taken seriously in 2015.

Ghost path VPN with Netflix and Other Online Media

One of the most common use cases for VPN recently has been Netflix users looking to jump the digital fence and access Netflix content intended for other countries. For example, lots of Australian Netflix customers have been using a VPN to make it appear as if they’re in the US so they can watch US-only Netflix content.
We tested the geolocation capabilities of Ghost Path and found no issues at all. We were able to connect to the Australia gateways and have websites think we were in Australia. Same thing with the UK and US.
Right now Ghost Path has 143 VPN servers active in 46 countries, amongst the most in the VPN industry. Those 143 gateways utilize 230 IP addresses. Those IP addresses are shared among all Ghost Path customers, adding another level of anonymity to your web traffic.

Customer Support

The VPN industry is growing really quickly right now, so we wanted to test Ghost Path’s customer support and see how quickly they responded. We sent in a help ticket and received a response within 30 minutes. We heard about Ghost Path when one of our readers told us about their great customer support. We weren’t disappointed when we put them to the test.


We were impressed with every aspect of Ghost Path and its service. We whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for a VPN provider.

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