[Solved] "You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp" Error message

[Solved] "You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp" Error message

Finally the Whatsapp officials started taking action against those who are using the modded version of the real Whatsapp. The company have started rolling out a 24-72hour account holding to those who are using third party Whatsapp alternatives like Whatsapp Plus. Those who are installed the Whatsapp plus application along with Real Whatsapp are now receiving a message like “You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp because you may have violated our terms of service.” The company is now searching for accounts which are doing activity which violates their Terms and Conditions and abusing their system. Check out whatsapp images.
A count down window with time period upto 72 hours are seen by the customers those have violated their policy. You can’t able to access your WhatsApp account or any part of your account until the countdown timer runs out. In official they had mentioned some reason for blocking your account. It is as follows:
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Reason for banning your WhatsApp account

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Whatsapp had listed out some reasons behind blocking your account from further use. Check out the following reasons and figure out in which category you fall.

  • Sending third party advertisements or publishing any other kind of commercial listings.
  • You are getting blocked by too many friends or people in a short period of time. This mainly happens if you are trying to communicate with unknown persons or by sending messages to persons not in your contact list.
  • If you are making Whatsapp groups and adding people those are not listed in your contacts.
  • While Submitting content inside your status, display picture or in message which is offensive or inappropriate in any manner. [Harassing,Obscene,hateful,racially etc.]
  • Using third party alternatives like Whatsapp plus and OGwhatsapp which act as automated bots and can access all files and data transferring through whatsapp. Can’t blame whatsapp because these modded apps makes threat to Whatsapp users privacy policy.
  • Violating Whatsapp’s Terms of Service in any other manner.

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Another important news that we can see on whatsapp official page is as follows:-

WhatsApp Plus is a third party application that is not designed or developed by Whatsapp nor is it authorization from Official Whatsapp. Those who are developing this kind of applications have no relationship or any kind of attachment with whatsapp. We do not support any issue related to Whatsapp plus. Please be aware that Whatsapp plus contains potentially dangerous codes which can easily pirate your personal details like pictures, videos which may get published in Internet. Kindly uninstall any other modded version of whatsapp and please ensure that you are downloading the apt one from play Store or from Official Whatsapp page. By following this method, you can remove the temporary block of your account.

What to do After Whatsapp banned my account?

Nobody will receive a warning notification about banning your whatsapp account. They are directly proceeding to the further steps to block an account. If you think that you account had blocked by mistake, you can mail the Whatsapp support team. They will do a deep check towards your account and if the banning had made by mistake, you will get back your account soon.
If you had received “You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp” message, the first step you must do is to uninstall the modded version you installed in your device. Here is the link to the support team of whatsapp [support@whatsapp.com] and you can mention that your account had blocked by mistake. They will check in detail and revoke the action if it is made by mistake. While you are in a blocked mode your friends can’t see you in their contact list and also they can’t message you. There is nothing more you can do in this situation. Let’s count down until the timer turns to 00:00:00.

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