How To Preserve Your Internet Privacy Today? Privatoria Review

How To Preserve Your Internet Privacy Today? Privatoria Review

Privatoria is a unique Internet security service provider. Service’s main goal is to provide an all-in-one security solution. Unlike traditional security software solutions available on the market today, Privatoria’s products use a complex approach towards protecting online privacy.
Three main ‘NOs’ for Privatoria are:

  • No data mining
  • No extra software
  • No back-doors

There is a free trial for 24 hours. It’s easy to use and no special knowledge or software configuring skills are required.
Privatoria was born as an unified solution for users looking for anonymity and security during web browsing when communicating or sharing data. Company’s mission is to make the Internet a safer place so user don’t have to worry about the security of their private data or search/browsing history. To make that possible, Privatoria’s company’s security specialists have come up with a bundle of security services.
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Who can use Privatoria?

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  • Personal users. All Internet users that care about online privacy, have sensitive data or simply want online freedom. Anyone from a student who wants to open blocked Facebook, to an activist, or a journalist who does not want to be tracked is a potential user of Privatoria’s online privacy suite.
  • Business users. Privatoria offers ultimate web security for different types of companies. That’s why they are currently working on a business version which will be useful for attorneys that need to protect legal professional privilege, for doctors to make sure doctor-patient privilege is not violated, for companies that have commercial secrets, financial and IT companies, politicians and law enforcement agencies, etc…

Privatoria offers solutions in three categories:

  • Secure communications online (for those who want to secure their online communications and make sure chat logs won’t leak)

Secure E-mail gives you instant access to your personal e-mail box with domain. Your correspondence will be encrypted and sent via Secure SSL connection.
Secure Chat takes real-time web communication to a new level of security.
Based on new WebRTC technology it allows direct peer-to-peer connection between browsers without third-party apps and any logs.

  • Secure data transfer online (to transmit sensitive data that requires encrypted secure online storage which standard cloud storage services cannot offer)

Secure Data Storage offers high levels of encryption for customer’s data stored on our secure servers. Each file is strongly encrypted and protected by a unique ID.

  • Surf the web anonymously (for users who do not want to be tracked by search engines, marketing companies, ISPs, hackers, governments and others)

Secure Proxy service offers reliable Proxy connections in more than 63 countries. The TOR technology is used in unison with a Proxy by default; which is an exclusive offer and gives additional anonymity to users with TOR Web Proxy service.
Secure VPN service offers ultimate security and anonymity during web browsing. Currently you can choose from 12 VPN locations all over the world. Support for all modern and secure protocols and algorithms is also available; including L2TP/Ipsec, OpenVPN, etc. You also get SHA-2 AES 256 bit encryption to ensure no gets access to your Internet traffic. The main feature of Privatoria VPNs is the ability to use VPN plus TOR without any advanced tweaks or extra software. It doubles your anonymity level.

Tor-integrated VPN?

Tor technology has become increasingly popular during last couple of years. Tor is great but it also has certain flaws. One major downside to using Tor alone is the fact that you have to use a specific web browser (Tor browser) to actually use Tor network. Needless most users wouldn’t want to resort to that which is why Privatoria has developed a way to use Tor without Tor browser and also use VPN at the same time. Tor-integrated VPN is a cutting edge technology that gives you double protection that is easy to use. It is compatible with all modern VPN protocols and can be used as a regular VPN service in any OS and any browser.
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With Privatoria Tor-integrated VPN you can:

  1. Use Tor network without Tor browser
  2. Send all your Internet traffic through Tor (not only https, not only web browser)
  3. Use Tor and VPN at the same time and get double protection
  4. Configure the service in no time (it’s extremely easy)
  5. Hide the fact of using Tor
  6. Use Tor in any OS and any browser

Privatoria Strives to secure the user’s web experience and make the web safe and accessible for everyone. To achieve that the company offers a unique bundle of security services to cover the needs of every Internet user.

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