How to open Blocked Websites in Colleges, School, Office online?

How to open Blocked Websites in Colleges, School, Office online?

This will be going to a new information to someone those are first in the internet world. Here we show how you can enter into any blocked websites, including blocked Facebook, blocked YouTube, or even to any of other blocked websites including torrent websites. Before going deep into this article, I would like to tell the situation in which I used the following tricky way to unblock a blocked website.
It was four Years before, first month I am using Internet. After viewing my 10th standard results on Internet I wonder how the stuff really works. I really like to know more about Internet, Google etc. But there was no facility as today. Computers were very rare at that period. None of my friends have PC that time. Only internet Cafe’s were the only opportunity. But parents won’t gave money for spending there. So my dream to enter the doors of Internet extended. It was one of my friend who explored me the window of Internet. I think that it was at the time of studying in 11th standard. We together got an assignment. For that we need to access YouTube.
We both enter the college lab and searched for the necessary data. My Friend was an expert with internet at that period. But when he tries to enter YouTube, the browser shows some network, proxy error. Along with YouTube many similar websites were also blocked by our department. What to do? It was the first time where I used my Logic. I asked him to search on the Internet how to unblock blocked websites?. With in seconds, we found a way to open blocked websites online.
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Advantages you will have while using proxy websites for browsing

There are many advantage that you will have while using the proxy websites for surfing. There advantages are mentioned below.
Browsing Internet Anonymously:- This is one of the important advantage of using Proxy servers for viewing blocked websites. Most of the reputed and paid proxy servers makes you anonymous so that no one could track which website you are entering. If your government blocked any websites and you are using Anonymous proxies to open it, they could not track you.
Supports Most of the Services:- Most of the proxy websites supports popular websites like YouTube, Facebook and Google. in Countries Like China, Google, YouTube and Facebook were getting blacklisted and blocked periodically. But using anonymous proxy websites you could unblock these services easily without getting catched.
Most of them are free:- There are many free service as well as paid service like are available on Internet. However you could get more advantage from paid services. I don’t think that free services provide equal security and privacy similar to that of paid service. So choose them wisely.

Open/Unblock all blocked websites online

Any of the blocked websites can be open with the help of some proxy websites. As studying for Masters in Computer Application, I know about the working and necessary details about proxy websites. But I think that there is no need of explaining the whole details here. If you would like to know more about proxy and proxy server please check here.
There are a lot of proxy servers available from any corner of the world. These sites allows you to browse the blocked websites from a different ip address and from different countries also. There are many ethical proxy web servers available with some price. These kind of proxy servers will give you more privacy and won’t allow tracking you. But the reverse will happen while using free and fraud proxy websites. Don’t gave confidential details through proxy websites unless you have faith on that service. Unblocks blocked Google, Facebook, YouTube etc is a emerging proxy website that unblocks any blocked websites online. The websites provides you complete privacy while browsing and it is a free service also. While browsing through proxy websites, you are not actually connecting to that sites. You are connecting to some other proxy servers which already have the copy of your desired webpage. This process increases your privacy and you can view any websites that are blocked by your government. There will be no further issues you have to face by doing this. Fast service for unblocking

unblock blocked websites is a similar website to Unblocking Youtube with HD quality is one of their main service. Along with YouTube, Facebook and Torrent websites can also be unblock. Unlike other proxies, They aimed all kind of streaming websites. They also provides 128 Bit SSL Encryption. another option for unblocking blocked websites also a free online proxy website that enables the user to unblock any blocked websites online. This service also gives maximum security to browse contents online.


Every day there are many websites get blocked in various networks. Colleges, Schools, Offices, Government centers are some of the popular places. They can only block these websites. They can’t block the whole proxy websites that grand access to these websites via a copy that they already stored. So by using these kind of proxy servers, we can easily unlock blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other websites without knowing the officials who blocked them.

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