[Solved] Zenfone 5 and 4 not detecting in PC with USB cable

Everyday, we got email from people around the world regarding their Zenone 5 or zenfone 4 smart phone is not showing in their PC. We had personally emailed all those regarding how to make Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 4 detectable in your PC.
Yesterday also we had received an email Balaji from Chennai, India. upon his request, we finally decided to post a tutorial regarding how to make zenfone 5 or zenfone 4 visible on a computer. Here is the email from Balaji.

Hay Jinson,
I happen to see your blog once I searched for USB debugging option on zenfone 5. It was an awesome tutorial. After that, I used to visit your blog at least once a week. Very happy to hear that, you had helped a thousands of people to upgrade their zenfone 4 and zenfone 5 to lollipop. Here I am having a slight issue with my Zenfone 5. I had bought a zenfone 5 six months ago. I used my device for transferring files from PC many times. Unfortunately I had made a mistake yesterday. While connecting USB to my PC, it show two options. MTP or PTP. Accidentally, I pressed the MTP and it goes somewhere. Now while connecting my phone, it only getting charged. I am not able to view my files of Zenfone through my PC. In short, I am not not able to use Transfer files. Hope you understand my situation. Sorry about my bad English. Hope a reply soon.

What all things to be checked if your Asus Zenfone devices are not detecting via USB cable in PC?

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#1 Make sure that, you have the right drivers
The probability of this issue will be less if you are using a windows PC. Bcause almost all required drivers will be installed by windows once a  new hardware is connected to it. You know, every hardware need some software part to install for the smooth working. We call it as drivers.. Make sure that, your PC automatically installs it. If your computer didn’t install it automatically, then you can manually download and install it directly from the ASUS website.
Download and install ASUS USB drivers for Windows 
#2 Try all of your USB ports
I don’t know the technical reason behind this. I am writing this because, this issue had personally faced by me. I have windows 7 installed on my PC and my USB port behind the CPU won’t detect my zenfone. There is no issue with charging. The issue is only with the data transfer. But the USB port in-front of my CPU detects as well as charges my zenfone. So try changing the ports to all possible extend. If anyone knows why this happen, please comment below. It will be an add-on tip for me.
#3 Check whether you have turned on the MTP option
This is yet another option to check out. And this is the answer for the Balaji’s email just above. Many people accidentally un tick the MTP option when they connect mobile to PC via a USB. Then to activate it again, there is no direct USB options in your Zenfone. You may get messed up with this issue. Don’t worry here we have the solution. The USB options are available in your Settings>Storage. Follow the steps through the screenshot.

  • Go to Settings page of your zenfone.

Zenfone 5 and 4 not detecting in PC with USB cable

  • Now select the storage option.

Zenfone 5 and 4 not detecting in PC

  • There you can see a USB symbol on the top right corner. You need to click on that and put a tick mark against the MTP option. Check the below screenshot for clear understanding.

zenfone usb problem

  • Once the MTP option is selected, your PC starts detecting your Zenfone 5 or zenfone whatever it is.

NB: If your Zenfone is not charging while connecting to PC over USB, then it may be any hardware issues. May be issue with your Zenfone, otherwise may be issue with your cable or issues with your USB port. Charging is the simple symbol that your USB, Cable and mobile are working fine. In such situation, the third option will work for you.
Did the above steps help you? We are waiting for your response.
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94 thoughts on “[Solved] Zenfone 5 and 4 not detecting in PC with USB cable”

  1. Even i do hve the sme problem
    My zenfone is not being detected on lap, it shows charging on usb eventhough itz connected to charger n the worst part is that it takes around 5….6 to get 100%

      1. I’m using the original stock charger , but still my zenfone 5 showing charging over usb , taking more than 5 hours from 5% to 100% , otg and pc connectivity also not working , i have tried so many different cables and chargers still same problem!! Recently i changed the pcb of my phone , bt no change , waste of money!!

      2. Hello ji,
        The same problem occurs to me that it takes 4 to 5 hrs to reach to 100 per..
        And if we connect with PC it charges only not detected to transfer files..
        The problem occurs from last 2nd week..
        Herebefore the charging and data transfer was working in good functionality…
        Plz do the needful to fix the issue..
        My model was ZenFone5..

  2. I have enabled the developer option in Zenfone 5 and after that, when i connect to PC, i’m getting error as USB is not recognizing. I tried all the ways which you mentioned above, but No Luck. The mobile is charging but USB is not detected.
    Can you please suggest?

      1. it is still not getting recognized
        my zenfone 5 is able to charge but i am not able to transfer files between my pc( windows 32bit) and zenfone 5 via usb

      2. Even though i followed all of hour unstructuons, my laptop is still not recognising my ZenFone. I tried to search that “drivermax” but i can’t find it on the playstore. All the results are all games about driving lol. Please help me. I have a lot of stuff on my ZenFone that i beed to transfer to my laptop. Thanks in advance.

      3. Hi Jinsonkv,
        I have the same problem, I turned the USB bugging on, and ticked on MTP but there is no icon on the top of the screen. I just reset factory my phone and nothing diffirence. Can you help me ??

      4. When i connect my zenfone 5 to pc it saying error code 43 while trying to update driver’s it ssys driver installation cannot start n this device cannot start error it showing is it my hardware problem or software

      5. Hi Jinson, I’m neither able to use my Zenfone 5 as USB, I have followed all your instructions; nor I’m able to install drivermax. It gets downloaded, and as I attempt to run the .exe file, it appears removed. Please suggest what to do.

  3. Hey Jinsonkv,
    I had followed your instructions and surprisingly found out that the checkbox for MTP had already been selected. BUT even though, my phone is not recognized by my laptop.
    I had put my phone down once, but my phone was working properly for a couple of months. I was able to transfer files though a usb cable as usual. But suddenly this problem of not getting recognized arises. I don’t know if putting my phone down had caused this trouble, but i wanted to bring it to your notice.
    Please do help me
    Kindly acknowledge

      1. unable to find drivermax application. And have tried all remaining options too but still its not connecting with laptop. The phone just gets charged through it and does show the window for accessing files and folder.

      2. all options ticked.correct usb drivers installed.usb debugging enabled but even then nothing pops up in pc not even a device unrecognized pop up.any suggestion at core level?

    1. I have the answer and you must still be using XP.
      Zenfone 5 uses PC ink to connect to the pc but it needs Windows 7 or above,
      Besides, you have to use ”usb debugging” and select “MTP” from your phone, you must also install ”media player 11 for xp” onto you pc.
      After unzipping the downloaded ”Asus USB driver”, your device will be detected and you need to choose”MTP” from the driver option from the USB drivers.
      Try to find out which one is working.
      After the driver installed, you will see ”ASUS_T00J” appears in your pc with 1, Internal Storage and 2,SD card.

    2. Same here i ve changed 2 mtp it charges but USB not recognized from 2days before it was working good now suddenly there is a problem plz give me a solution

  4. I tried to connect my zenfone 5 to my Pc im getting this message ” one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. ” nw wt im supposed to do. I try to connect it from other ports even in other systems but im getting d same message,,,,,i ave checked out MTP and usb debugging settings also…wt to do can anyone suggest me plz

  5. i have tried all the steps above but it is to no avail. I also installed the drivermax to check for the usb update. It is all updated.
    It was working fine last week, it just happened this week that when i plugged in the cable, the computer seemed not to detect anything. I restarted my phone and laptop, but it is also the same, Fyi, it is still charging my phone, just it doesnot detect my phone.

  6. Hey jinsonkv,
    my MTP option is already turned on. However i dont have a pc link installed on my computer. is there any other way i can connect with my pc through usb.

  7. I tried to connect my zenfone 5 to my Pc im getting this message ” one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it. ” nw wt im supposed to do. I try to connect it from other ports even in other systems but im getting d same message,,,,,i ave checked out MTP and usb debugging settings also but it dint workout …wt to do nw,can anyone suggest me plz

  8. my asus zen5 come out with ‘usb overcurrent with high level…’.now i cant even charging it or connect to pc.the signal led lamp also not working.please help me.

  9. My ASUS Zenfone mobile is not at all connecting any PC, I tried to do all the changes in mobile phone as mentioned by you, but still no use. Kindly suggest.
    It won’t in PC or laptop that a mobile is connected

  10. Hi!
    My ASUS Zenfone C is listed on the Device Manager of my ASUS X451CA laptop as a potable device but I cannot see my phone’s file on my laptop. I already checked the MTP setting and it is already ticked. I know that my cable is still working since my phone’s charging everytime I connect it.

  11. i try swap usb port from another phone but still can’t connect pc. maybe sim card holder problem? please help me.

  12. Gajanan Manerkar

    My ZenFone 5 gets hot most of the time.battery discharge fast even you not use internet and brightness is minimum .I use internet through USB on computer

  13. Hi i hav followed the above instructions my phne s chargng n mtp device is selected bt still its nt detected in my lappy pls give me a suggestion

    1. I have enabled the developer option in Zenfone 5 and after that, when i connect to PC, i’m getting error as USB is not recognizing. I tried all the ways which you mentioned above, but No Luck. The mobile is charging but USB is not detected.
      Can you please suggest? though MTP is in on condition.

  14. hey… my zenfone is working great in windows but now i m using zorin os linux in my PC and now my zenfone is not connecting via usb….it get charged but not showing the option in my computer…..plz help @jinson

  15. Sir, i’m facing same problem with my zenfone 5 (8gb version). I have tried connecting my phone with 2 to 3 laptops but it always shows charging and no option of file transfer.when i tried the MTP option in setting its also not working. I had used the MTP option several times before to transfer files from my laptop to my Zenfone 5. But from last 15 to 20 days i’m unable to connect it to my laptop. I have checked my laptop ports they work fine as other devices get connected to it.also brought A Sandisk 16 gb dual Pendrive.it also doesn’t work with my phone.it gets connected to my laptop and other android phones.i had connected Pendrive before several times via OTG cable to my phone but from last 15 to 20 days i’m unable to transfer files.please suggest me proper solution.waiting for your reply.

  16. I just want to say thanks a lot for helping. Turning on the MTP option is what saved the day for me. However, although it says above that people “… accidentally un-tick the MTP option”, I didn’t do this. So I believe that sometimes it turns off on its own.
    Anyway, thanks for making my phone work again!

  17. Hi
    I tried all the way but not working.
    Weird thing is my laptop can detect my husband zenphone 5 but not mine. Ours are exact same model same software version etc.
    It mention usb not recognize upon my phone connected. However same cable and laptop work well for my husband phone.. what did I miss??

  18. MTP is turned on, All drivers updated, used drivermax to update drivers too, wiped off cache, downgrade to 4.4, again upgraded to lollipop, still the mtp is not getting detected, but mobile is charging when connected to pc. please help

  19. Thanks it worked for me too.. i have another query how can we retrieve the deleted pictures and videos from Asus zenfone 5

  20. Hello,
    Its the same problem Iam facing with my Zenfone 5. I have tried all the possibilities listed by you but unfortunately still not working . I tried storage settings and drivemax too. Drive max shows that USB drivers are updated correctly. Kindly help me as Iam unable to use it connected to my laptop. Your help would be much appreciated.

  21. I was getting problem,
    when i connected to pc Mobile charging is ok, but not showing in My computer.
    how can i do.
    Help me.

  22. V narayanamurthy

    Though my mobile is being charged while I connect the USB, in tethering options, it is showing No USB is connected, and MTP is on. However, my friend’s phone (asus) is working fine with the same USB and same computer.

  23. My zenfone is not being detected on lap, it shows charging on usb eventhough itz ,

  24. I have the same problem for my Zenfone 5. And i couldnot find the drivermax app you mentioned above. Pls help

  25. tanvi pancholi

    i have download drivermax to my laptop, after that also my cell not connected with pc what am i missing here pls guide

  26. hi, I tried all the methods above you mentioned.
    changed cable
    turned Dev opt off
    turned on MTP in storate
    tried DriverMax, updated USB 2.0 CRW drivers
    tired ph on diff machines
    but all went in vain
    what should I do now?

  27. Hello Jinsonkv,
    you are doing quite a good work of blogging. I want to share my unique problem with you.
    I have a zenfone 5 for almost one and a half year.
    I’ve rooted it twice and now it’s completely unrooted. i accidently deleted the ‘hosts’ file when it was rooted and since then, my phone can not be detected in any pc or laptops. it even can not sign-in in any of google accounts. I’m tired of trying. I’ve tried every possible things even your posts but to no avail. please help me if you can.
    Thank you !

  28. I have tried all the above in my Zenfone 5, but my phone is not connecting to PC through USB. Please help. I downloaded drivermax on my phone but then it is not showing any option to scan for drivers. Please help

  29. My pc suddenly stopped detecting my asus zenfone 5. Followed the above steps but it’s still not working..

  30. Can help me with my device.. why my battery is always say charging :(USB) ? And thats problem take so long for charging my zenfone 5..lol

  31. I connected my phone in my friends lap too..and still not connecting…and so its not the problem of installing driver in my pc. Also I tried other options you told also…still no resp.

  32. hello, sorry for broken english. my pclink cant detected my asus. i already install ADB Driver but still no detection. now i’m confuse what’s the problem. if my asus gone wronged what should i do about it. thanks.. hope u can replay this thread
    thanks again.

  33. This has been driving me crazy for weeks! I guess MTP was turned off by accident. I thought maybe it was a Windows 10 issue, but nope. THANK YOU!

  34. Jay Linus Fuentes

    Good day,
    it’s an old forum, but i’ll vent my frustations here =<
    Background story:
    2 year old Zenfone 5 A501CG 2gb/16gb unrooted, latest kitkat update, going fine for a while, until 2-3months ago when charging my phone could not keep up with my power hungry lifestyle anymore. Charging my phone would take around 5 – 8 hours if on standby (around 5 hours if turned off) so i changed into my old phone whose Camera lens was broken =<
    By reading the internets, i also have learned that my battery is USB Charging instead of AC charging when plugged into wall. For a week or so of research and trial and error, I did the following:
    1. Had my phone's USB charger port replaced (out of warranty and service center is far away, so i got some random cellphone technician take a look at it, but problem persisted still)
    2. Upgraded my Windows 7 drivers and link to pc app(nothing happened)
    3. Upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 (problem still persisted)(this process irritated me most cause I downloaded other 5 different firmware (700mb+ size) until i got the last one right
    UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- <— this one worked. This is for A500CG/A501CG
    The following firmware did not work for me, but i downloaded them cause i based them on my KK firmware (ASUS_T00J_WW_user_2.22.40.54_20151120_16), and i got error E: fota_return_code 403, E:Installation failed with status 1:
    Sad to say, my reasons for upgrading to lollipop didn't fix my problem:
    I'll continue to look out for additional methods, but based on the internet, there still has no fix to USB problem. If anybody got any idea, please help me solve my USB no detect in PC / slow charge problem =<
    I'll look someone with a windows 10, i'll update you guys if something is ok
    Thank you guys =P
    Thank You very much,

  35. hello iam using asus zenfone 5 with lollipop version 5.0 but my phone is not detecting to pc even i have done all the steps what u have shown in above procedure but still my dont detect to pc ,iam facing a big problem with this if i want to store my backup to my pc how can i do it is not at all detecting my phone plz help me out from this problem…….

  36. i know its a old thread but im totally helpless my zen5 not connecting to pc,tried all the above steps no luck ,checked MTP,usb debugging,installed drivers ,drivermax etc it ………..pls give me a solution ,waiting for ur reply

  37. Divyesh khorawa

    hey whats is the third optoin?
    my zenfone 5 shows charging when its plug in via usb cable to pc
    all the setting are on (debugging/storage MTP/latest drivers) sadly none of them works
    i would like to know the third method please help

  38. My ZenFone 5 is not getting connected to my PC i read your suggestion but im not able to download “drivermax” and it’s getting downloaded on my pc but how to solve the problem when the fone is not showing up on pc

  39. i am trying to root my asis zenfone 4 400cg but when i goes to droidboot mode it says no usb connected although it is showing charging light i have installed all the drivers

  40. This problem is fu…ng vry badly i m tired of dis phn . I tried everything bt nothing is working..just useless phone

  41. hello
    i m asus zenfone 5 user
    i m unable to connect usb on pc
    unable to connect OTG
    i tried update my phone bt didnt got a update notification after moving the update zip file internal storage root folder
    plz give a better n fast reply

  42. Done all of the above steps but still face the same issue i have windows 10 32 bit home edition,also i have used 2 different usb cables and used all ports of pc but in vain

  43. i have buy a Dm pd009 otg usb 3.0 32 gb usb flash drive from website when i plug it to Mobile the USB drive not work and after that my zenfone 5 also stop connecting over USB to computer any more and slow charging i change the charging hardware but not work

  44. Does not bloody work & asus support is the most useless & uncaring mob i have ever come across & it is not just me. Everybody i know wiyh this phone has same issue both phone & useless asus

  45. I have the same problem my asus zenfone tooj not recognising while connecting to computer.i also tried devolover option bt still its not working.is there any solution for this

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