Play Boxhead zombies hacked Unlimited Ammo and Health

Play Boxhead zombies hacked Unlimited Ammo and Health

From the traditional period of computers, people used it as a medium for entertainment. Playing games are considered to be the most entertainment activity since the first computer games got released. After computers, there comes the smartphones, tablets and play stations. Still millions of people prefer to computer games. Millions of games were released with in these small span of time and thousands of them became super hit. In 2016, we could see many games are releasing with high end graphics with an average of 100 GB size. Are all people loving these high end games? NO. many people still loves the traditional flash games which are less than 1 MB in size. That’s why many flash game companies are still running with a good profit.
One of such games that were still playing by thousands of people is Boxhead: The Zombie Wars. The game were released nearly 10 years ago and still playing by lots of people.
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Boxhead: The Zombie Wars a short Description

All people in the world are now aware about Zombies. Zombies are half dead humans or other animals which can be now seen in many games and movies. After the release of first zombie game, game creators found a scope in this area and thousands of games were developed based on this theme. Among them hundreds of them were still playing by us. Zombies are always a mystery for humans. The game Boxhead Zombies is an interesting survival game in which you should stay alive from the zombies near you. While the game begin, you were given a gun and ask to shoot the zombies near you. As the time progresses, there will be a sea of zombies among which you need to survive. Throughout the game, you can kill zombies and figure out interesting weapons, lives and ammo out there. These items help you to survive longer.
Play Boxhead zombies hacked
Barrels were out there which makes more damage to the zombie. The basic idea is to survive. At the beginning you will be asked the difficulty level and choose one that suits you.   There are 8 different weapons in the game and nearly 100 upgrades which makes you even stronger. There are only a small number of controls that makes the game play easier.

Play Boxhead zombies hacked version

There will be people who are looking for the easy way to play a game. that’s by cheating. Here were are going to show you how you can play the hacked version of Boxhead zombies which allows you to stay life without loosing any of your heals. Similarly you won’t run out of ammo. This hacked version is build in a way that you can survive as much you want. 
But We recommend you to play the game with original code so that you will gradually improved in your gaming skills. Here we had given the link for the cracked version of Boxhead zombies which can be played from Google sites. If you have any queries regarding this game, kindly let us know by the comment box listed below. We han help you within one working day. Happ gaming.
Play Boxhead zombies

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