[Solved] Google chrome has stopped working problem on your PC

[Solved] Google chrome has stopped working problem on your PC

Today we are going to solve a popular error message which is commonly seen among the Google Chrome users. If you are an active Chrome browser user, then you may have see “Google chrome has stopped” error message many times. Here’s a email, I have received from Glen Kooper from Kenya who is always getting this chrome error message.

Hay Dude,
I am Glen Mailing you from Northern state of Kenya. This is nothing but a small problem regarding Google Chrome. Last day I updated Google Chrome to the latest version 41.0.2224.3. But After the update, My browser window is getting hang every time and after a few seconds, Its getting close with an error message Google Chrome has stopped. I have already posted this issue in Google Forums and got some reply. As a error Solution Professional, I am asking your suggestion in this case. Waiting for your reply.
Glen Kooper.

First of all thanks Glen for mailing us on this topic. I hope that you have already received a solution from Google Forums. Anyway, we are writing about this issue as We promised to you.
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Reason for “Google chrome has stopped working” bug

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All these reasons are taken from various forums and portals across the Internet Globe. If you know any other reason rather that the below mentioned one, kindly reply below.

  • There may be many reason for Chrome Crash. One of the important reason that we found is the usage of more tabs at a time. If you have the habit of loading more and more tabs at a time, Chrome may stop working. Each and every tab were using some amount of memory and finally reach in a crash.
  • Another important reason is using multiple Chrome users. Chrome has an awesome feature that, it can handle multiple users at a time. That means, you can manage and coordinate multiple Google account, or any other multiple accounts in multiple Google Chrome. If you are managing more than Chrome users at a time, the chance of crashing is high.
  • Another important reason is the lack of primary memory. If you are using high end software like PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, they took huge portion of your memory and Processor thus making other programs execution too slow.
  • This can also occur at the time of handling lots of scripts and pop ups. Many websites have stuffed with hundreds of scripts and popups that will slow down the working of your web browser. This can also result in the working speed of your web browser.

Whatever may the reason, we can’t specify the actual reason behind “Google Chrome has stopped working” issue. But you can check these recommendations.

Recommendation for “Google chrome has stopped working” error

1:- Check all of the installed plugins:- Developers stats that the chance of Chrome crash is double in installation contains various extensions and plugins. There are thousands of plugins available in the chrome store and most of them are not well optimized to integrate with browser. So before getting installed, check the reviews and comments about the plugins.
2:-Do you have Internet Download Manager?:- In Google Support page, they have answered that Google Chrome may crash with browsers integrated with the popular Download Manager IDM. So If you have IDM, check whether crashing is due to this tool.
3:-By Checking Conflict Software or Malware:- There is an option in Chrome browser to check the software or malware that makes chrome to crash. Go to chrome://conflicts page and you can see a list of software there.

If you have any malware software that are making conflict, just remove it using any antivirus software.
4:-Re Installing the Chrome:- In most of the cases, you could solve this issue by re-installing Google Chrome on your Computer. Download and install the latest version.
Check here to know more.
You can also use Torch browser instead of Google Chrome which almost looks like Chrome. If You know any other way to resolve this error, let us know about. We are happy to add your suggestions here.

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