[Solved] Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped

First of all a big thanks for Jonathan from Ireland for submitting us ” Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” issue. Jonathan is Marketing head in one of the reputed company in Ireland. 2 days before he accidentally read our stunning topic “Bluestacks market not found issue” and its solution. He found that the steps we described were 100% working and so he solved market not found issue in his bluestacks. Here’s the matter of his mail.

Dear Jinson,
My name is Jonathan currently working as a marketing  head at Fuzion in Dublin. I accidentally read your article bluestacks market not found issue and tried the steps mentioned by your team. I was excited how you guyz found the solution which is not mentioned anywhere in the internet. Big thanks for you and your team. I am writing this not only for appreciating, but also giving you another simple job. I am using Samsung galaxy S3 and it is rooted and updated to latest Custom ROM. I am getting a  Unfortunately the process com.android.phone error message at least couple of time a day. There is no further issue with that. But If you know any solution or recommendation, please mail me.
Jonathan R.

Ok. Thanks Jonathan for your awesome response. We had a crucial finding about this issue. In your case it is only due to the installation of custom ROM in your S3. May be something wrong with the OS end and it results in “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”. You can revert your changes or try a new Custom ROM in your mobile. We had made a deep study in this case and here are the findings and recommendations. Try the recommendations and hope it will definitely work.
Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped

Recommendations for Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped issue

 #1:- By clearing the data
Surfing internet we could find that many people recommend to do a data clear to resolve this issue. In your android smartphone, it is very easy to clear data. For clearing data,

  • Go to Settings
  • Application Manager
  • Choose All Application
  • Below Contacts Storage choose “Clear all data”.
  • Now Restart your device

The above steps have slight changes from mobile to mobile. Try to find out the similar steps in your mobile yourself.
#2:- Resetting your device
You can also try a factory reset of your mobile phone to resolve this. Do factory reset only if the first method didn’t worked for you. For performing a factory reset,

  • Go to Settings
  • Backup & reset
  • factory Reset

Doing a factory reset will delete all of your data and applications. So be careful to do a backup if you are proceeding with this step.
#3: Changing the OS
This is recommended to those are facing Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped message after updating their device or changing the static os to a custom version. In market there are hundreds of beautiful Custom ROM available. Most of them are created by geeks who have no connection with official android developers. This may result in slight errors to the Operating System code. So if some one installs it, there will be these kind of basic issues. So we recommend to change the os again to another customized version or to the official android version.
If any of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, please comment below. Your comments are our boosters to go ahead. You are also welcome to write to us if it doesn’t works. Don’t forget to share and encourage us.
#4:- uncheck automatic date
This is another solution, that worked for many guyz. So many people commented and mailed me that, Disabling the automatic date will solve this issue. Try your luck.
Updated on November 6
I can’t believe, that Jonathan again contacted me and here’s what he told to me.

Dear Jinson,
Thanks for considering my email. But I was some hours late to read your post and reply on firstandgeek.com. I give back the mobile to nearest Mobile Service center at Dublin last day and they just revert the OS to the previous version. Now it’s Ok and not showing Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped. Lost 10 Euro last day for this simple case. Anyway If I found anything suspicious on my device, I will again contact you.
Jonathan R.

Thanks Jonathan and you are always welcome to send us various problems of Android mobiles.
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Fiverr Solve Android Problem

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121 thoughts on “[Solved] Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”

  1. Mohamed Ameen Patel

    Dear i tried all your said method for my Dell Venue 7 ATM23460 serial no. 1WLC222
    i removed battery connection and reconnected also still this error is not going off.
    and my tablet is not starting even i removed sim and sd card
    any best solution will be highly appreciated.

    1. Then the best way is factory resetting. If factory resetting isn’t worked, then it may be any hardware problem. I hope your reply after doing a factory reset of your tablet.

    2. How to rectify the unfortunately the processcom
      Android.phone has stopped
      And android process has stopped please give me solution

  2. I have already tried Method 1 and 2. But still I am facing same problem. I don’t have much idea about hardware so I am not trying option 3. Could you please tell me how to change hardware i.e. custom ROM?

    1. If you don’t have any technical idea about phone, please don’t try the third step. Its all about changing the Phone OS by rooting the device. If you want to see it how, just Search on YouTube for appropriate tutorials. OR you can go to any nearby service centre for a repair. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hello,
    I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Yesterday morning, I updated about 5 of my apps, and then yesterday afternoon, my phone just started pausing and my clock app kept stopping, and I noticed the click icon, had actually disappeared from the home page.
    I am trying to perform the steps, as above, but first I get a message,
    ‘Unfortunately, Clock has stopped.’ I press OK and then another message comes up, ‘Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.’ I press OK again.
    After I do this, I try to go to settings, but then my phone will just restart. It does this every time…it’s a vicious cycle, so I cannot actually go to settings to make these changes.
    Please help!
    Thank you, Rachel.

    1. There may be some bugs with the updated apps. So follow the below steps to make your device perfect.
      For every android device, there will be a hard resetting option. Hard resetting delete all your data including contents in phonememory, contacts etc.
      Just Search Google “Hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3” and you will find the answer.

    2. hello i have Qmobile A-600 and i have facing a problem that … when i try to open any app that i’ve installed or internal app then a message show on middle on the screen that ‘Unfortunately, Clock has stopped.’ I press OK and then another message comes up, ‘Unfortunately, Com.android.hardware.ext0 has stopped.’ I press OK again.then another message comes up,
      ‘Unfortunately, Time Service has stopped..
      plzzz help me
      and tell me some reasons plzzz.

    3. I have same problem with rachel, I got a message “unfortunately process com.phone has stop and comes up many other message and I click ok until it auto reboot. Now, I can’t use my phone, even in unlocking my phone because it is automatically reboot. Please Help me guys, I had done hard reset , and even format it using computer… What should I do now.

    4. Deborah Harris

      Try turning off automatic update for date and time, it got rid of the notification for me.

  4. Hello, I own a xperia z ultra and i flashed a new rom namely liquidsmooth, working on lollipop but the problem is after i flashed it and the after the system boots up it show the same message discussed in the thread! i cannot get into recovery mode. i attempt to get into recovery mode and all i see is an android bot with a red exclamation mark and also i’m not able to install a new custom recovery lie CWM. Please help me! This is my new phone and im really upset because of this! Please help me if you can?

  5. So I had to do an Android update on my phone (LG G2) and now an error message pops up consistently on my phone saying “Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped”. I’ve tried clearing out my phone cache as recommended BUT THEN another error message pops up saying “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”.
    Please please please, how do I fix the error? Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. There is one solution that works 100%. Its just resetting the phone. Just take a backup and reset it. You will get the device exactly perfect. Thanks for the comment.

      1. I am also a user of LG G2 and the same problem appears to me too. First it happened after the month I purchased. I reset it and it appeared again after 50 days and then I again reset it a week ago and it again appeared today June 06 2015 :(. Any perma solution or if it is to happen frequently is there any instant solution?

  6. have the same problem com android phone not working
    tried everything
    not even able to reset data
    that too not working

    1. i don’t think that you had made a factory reset… all guyz with the same problem said that factory reset resolve everything.. If u have the issue anymore change the OS or return to nearest customer care

      1. after factory reset, com.android.phone did not come out anymore after a choose between the 3G/4G settings on my phone. thank you for this nice blogs post.

  7. Having this same issue – difference is I cant get into my phone to reset. How can I do a factory reset without being able to access the phone? The phone will turn on but that is it!

    1. There will be hard reset option for every android devices. Just like we enter the boot option of a PC, we can also enter the boot menu of android mobile. Please specify your mobile and I will tell you how you can reset your mobile.
      Thanks for comment.

      1. Thank-you for your constructive advises…I am afraid of losing ma applications…I need to know how to reset my mobile
        Ma phone is techno h7

      2. I am getting error “Process system is not responding. Do you want to close it?” But I am not able to do anything due to this pop up. It does not let me click on any option. How can I go to settings and change it. I have Moto G 1st Gen. Please let me know if it has nay hard key to do the same.

  8. Hi, I have an LG G2, and here’s the problem, you guys keep saying that we just need to reset our phones, but the problem is, we can’t enter our “settings”, and the factory reset option is IN the settings. Whenever we try to get into the settings, an error occurs and it says “Unfortunately, settings has stopped”. If you have any solution to this problem, please let us know. Thanks.

    1. If you can’t enter to the settings page for resetting, You can done it with hard resetting. For every android devices, there will be two types of resetting.
      1 Soft reset :- One which you usually seen on the settings page. If you can’t go to settings, leave it.
      2 Hard Reset :- One which is done by entering the boot menu of your android device.
      For hard reset, go to this link https://goo.gl/gSAFhE
      If you didn’t understand, try searching “hard Reset LG G2” on YouTube.
      Hope this help you. Waiting for your reply.

  9. Hello i buy a new mi m4 moblie 5 days ago.and after that when i connect it with wifi i download many application and update show me one up date i download the update and mobile work fine 2-3 days today suddenly msg appears that unfortunately process. com stop. How i choose older version of os and if i reset factory settings then all application which i download will remove and what happen to gallery items pICS movies songs etc plz tell me

    1. in your case, the resetting option is better. you can backup entire contents as it is an android device. technically, i haven’t user MI m4 and i don’t know the steps. you can search google for knowing how to backup mi 4.

        1. If it is in internal storage, the gallery items will go. If your images are on your SD card, it won’t go. Factory reset means converting your mobile to how it look like when you bought it. You will also lose your contacts stored on your phone. SO backup everything if you have some necessary details.

          1. In mi m4 there is no memory slot in it so gallery itema are in mobile memory
            3 Gm ram and 16 gb internal momery


  11. pls , my itel1500 keeps writing the same problem, any time i power it on, d message pops out and even after pressing okay, it returns immediately, i wont be able to do anything on it, not even to unlock it. So i cannot possibly do the various steps u suggested. What can i do?

  12. dear, I have motorola 926. showing a message “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”. the “OK” button is not working. how to apply factory reset or any other method. kindly resolve the issue

  13. “Unfortunately The Process.com android has been Stop”
    It Always Came When iam meessaging to someone or iam seeing my balance from *121# or if i call someone it always came when it was came i click to ok then my nrtworks are gone whats that problem tell me how to solve ?

  14. Am so happy i tried the first step it din’t worked i tried the second step factory setting is the best it really help me Thanks so much

  15. After trying many suggested reboots & data clearing without success, the only thing that solved it for me was to disable “Automatically detect time zone” under Date/Time. Good luck!

    1. Well done. I had tried every other suggestion and was just about to factory reset when I saw your post and unticked automatic date/time option in settings. It worked.

      1. Omg you saved me the cost of a brand new phone. Disabling the automatic date worked after 4 factory resets and one hard reset…..THANK YOU!

  16. unfortunately com.android.hardwar.exe0 has stopped working in my xperia c whenever i connect to wifi cell gets hanged and restarts automatically

  17. hi..
    i have Micromax A76 mobile. i’m getting such android has stoped or time service has stoped msgs from a long time now..
    i took help of professional technical people at different service centers . They tried resetting, factory reset, wipe cache from boot options, did software installation, tried various flash files installation too but the problem is still there.
    the issue was that mobile hangs very badly n regularly. it started all one day when my android system got UPGRADED . since then UNWANTED apps gets AUTO INSTALLED on my phone and they wont get uninstall , will be reinstalled after reboot or hard reset.
    please help me here what shall i do to get my phone work properly and efficiently

  18. Hi All,
    I had a Dell 7 3740 Tab and the problem started “Process.com.android.com” issue and done factory reset, nothing worked. Finally i replaced Motherboard and sold it.
    Now i purchased a Yureka Yurophia yesterday and with OS12 cynogen, same problem started, is there any issue with Sim card/ google contacts / any applications, i am wondering since i get this message after i downloaded Uber taxi app and try to confirm a text messagee from them.
    Pls help. I tried turn off automatic time also, removed SD card. Pls provide solution, i dont want to lose another phone.

  19. The error “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” pops up on my android phone from the time the phone starts searching for networks. Solutions above including flashing a stock rom does not solve my problem. Without a SIM card, the error does not appear.
    I am already frustrated finding a solution to this problem. 🙁
    I got a MyPhone Rio (Kitkat)

  20. Hi Jinson, i’ve tried all the steps to solve the apps stopped problem, even the factory reset option but it didn’t work. The apps started to stopped one by one and i can’t even install anything from app store, i can’t even answer a phone call because the phones and contact stopped working.
    If you have any solution for this it would be very helpful. Thank you.

  21. So ove tried all of the above but I can’t get into my settings to do anything. Sms,music,settings,dialer, nothing works except for the apps I downloaded. I even tried a roll back and if hasn’t fixed the problem.
    I’ve a HTC one and any help would be great

  22. Hi Jinson, I’m using a Xiaomi Redmi 1S and I recently updated my phone to the MIUI 7. However after playing around with it I was dissatisfied and wanted to revert to MIUI 6. However after using the official MIUIU 6 update package (From XiaoMi website) I get this issue, and it gets worse as I cannot access any information on my phone, not even log into my phone. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this? Thanks in advance 🙂

  23. I am using redmi 2 mobile I have a problem I’m installing CM12.1 it will stopped at middle process it can’t be on plz give me a solution how to turn on the mobile n how can I change version

  24. Jinsonkv,
    My Techno H7 was showing “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” I followed #1 it did not work so I followed #2 and it worked perfectly.

  25. Unchecking one-handed operations works. Please go to settings, controls, one hand operations, and uncheck all (I left the unlock pattern checked) but it is surely one of the other one-handed operations that needed to be unchecked. I unchecked all except unlock pattern, and it worked for me.

  26. hello, i have a galaxy grand and im getting these errors even after hard restting ( “unfortunately the catstudio/adobe.air has stopped ) plzz help

  27. Sir…..my Micromax bolt A47 mobiles.. Again again Display…one Screen…..”””Unfortunately Stop Catstudio”””” When i do now…please tell me Sir.?.

  28. I hv micromax a106, since i purchase it, It has dis issue. But d only prblem i am facing it thad i cant check my balance data/value.
    Whtnevr i disconnect intrnet/call, dis msg appears above d msg of balance.
    Phn stop 4 a while.
    I upgraded my phn with lolipop vrsn of android n stil i m facing d same problem

  29. pls my samsung tab has been telling me com.android.phone has stopped working and it started happening today after i put in my sim so i culd use d data,when i removed the sim it didnt say it again.i tried some1 else’s sim to clarify but it is saying the same thing.

  30. My phone is doing the same thing but ONLY when someone tries to call me restricted or private . then it won’t let me answer it and a no card error shows in the top left corner of my screen . I have done a hard reset , 4-5 calls to straight talk where I have to sit for hours on the phone and have unchecked my date/time options .. Need help bad please ! I need to figure out how to accept blocked calls and maybe the message will go off .. I’ve looked on my blacklist and everything and even called straight talk which they told me they didn’t know how to fix it . someone please help !

  31. I m facing same problem showing unfortunately process com.android.phone has stopped in my ASUS ZenFone a450 cg .I ‘ve tried factory reset but it didn’t work and even updated my firmware …Plz help what to do now

  32. Hi, I am using micromax A121 and getting “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”. I tried to delete catch, clear data of Contact storage but still same issue.
    Then tried factory reset but still same issue.
    Then tried to update the applications through play store but noticed that while opening play store it gives same error. Then i just go to the setting and clear catch and data and again tried to opening and update the application from play stores.
    And surprised error dissappeared.
    Also disabled some unwanted apps in settings-app.
    Now everthing is working smooth.

  33. Samuel Oghenedoro

    I use Tecno H7 Android phone. Recently I can no longer receive calls. When I attempt to receive a call, I see “Unfortunately, com.android.phone has stopped”.Please help me get over this problem.Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

  34. i have been battling with this issue for some times. i had cleared all data clearable but thank goodness i haven’t done a factory reset coz i didnt want to loose my files and apps and didnt want to go through the stress of backing up. i merely gave it a trial and disable the automatic date and it worked like magic!…..THANK YOU!

  35. Hi ,
    I am Abhi , and I am facing the same problem, my phone is continuesly poping up unfortunately the process com.Android.phone has stopped and unfortunately the Google play services has stopped one after other ,there is no chance I am getting go to settings or home or the menu to fix the phone. I even tried the factory reset by long press but its not working Kindly request you to help me on this

  36. Hi, I’ve an Asus zenfone and it is showing the same problem “unfortunately the android. Process. Com has stopped” . I did the factory reset too but doesn’t seem to work on it, please suggest a way out it’s just a three months old phone. Thanks in advance.

  37. Hey, I keep doing a backup and restore and every time I restore I get the message again. What do I do? How do I avoid getting the message in the first place?

  38. Yesterday, I deleted a file called ‘touchwizzard setup’ and two other touchwizzard related files. When I restarted my phone, everything went the way it should, only it said “unfortunately, .. has stopped..” . I clicked on ok and what happened was that I got a black screen with not one icon at all. What is so weird is that the icons on top (the time, battery level, reception level and so on, are there and if I move my finger from the top down I get to go in the screen that comes down. From there I can go into my settings without any problem; once I’m in there it even seems as if there isn’t any problem with the phone whatsoever. But as soon as I go back to where the icons for the apps should be, that part is black. The phone even rings when someone calls but the screen stays black also then.
    I have tried a soft reset, a hard reset and wiping the cache. When I do that, I get the screens needed to fill out when setting up a phone right until the end and then when everything is done and the main screen should come up, it goes black.
    I hope some of you have had the same experience and found the solution because I’m out of options I ²think.
    I also tried with kies and that was a little weird also; when I connected it, it recognised my phone but when I chose the firmware repair, it like disconnected my phone.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  39. Emmanuel Ndamati

    Hi, about two weeks ago, I woke up in the morning, only to notice that my phone, LG G Pro 2 (D838 32GB), had no cell reception but other devices around me had network service. I inserted another sim card into the phone but still the same issue but when I switched network mode, I got cell reception for 2G…These are the responses I get when I switch network modes:
    WCDMA only = No service
    GSM only = E.
    I have inserted three other sim cards from different carries here in Nigeria, done a factory reset and even had to downgrade from android 5.0.1 to 4.4.2 and back to 5.0.1 (have never rooted the device or installed custom ROM) but the issue still persists. Please, what should I do as the issue is frustrating me already. Expecting to hear from you soon. Thank you

  40. I’ve had this problem since I bought the phone last August. Tried upgrade and downgrade the OS, cleared the cache, wiped the phone, tried ATT support and finally opened a ticket with Asus to get a replacement phone. Nothing helped. Then last weekend I get sick and tired of this message so I went over to the ATT store and made them replace both SIM cards. I haven’t seen the message since. It’s been over 48 hours now. I believe the problem is with my second SIM which was from an old 2012 phone.
    I also tried to remove the second Sim card and the message also didn’t show up. It didn’t matter whether it was the old or the new Sim, as long as I wasn’t using the second Sim slot, I’m OK. I then also tried to use the old Sim in slot 1 and new Sim in slot 2 and that also prevented the message from showing up.

  41. my phone is huaweiHuawei Y520, the problem of unfortunately the process Com. Android.phone has stopped, is. My problem I tried to follow all step but factory reset failed to complete when it reach to erase everything it can’t do so if I click it doesn’t erase. Plus help

  42. Yesterday i have faced the problem”Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” issue & i tried all the process for factory reset but at the factory reset point the phone (samsung Galaxy core-2) hangs. Pls, provide if any solution.

  43. I am YASH
    My Oppo N3 device is showing “Unfortunately system has stopped working while clearing the recent tasks”
    What should I do???
    Should I get the update???

  44. None of these solutions worked for me but updating to the latest android version did, so don’t forget this alternative. My phone was a zenfone 5

  45. kishan lal solanki

    I have samsang galaxy star pro GT-S7262 .how to fix “unfortunately, the process com. android. phone has stopped. I do factory set and clear case partisn but problem not solve

  46. i have a mi4 xiaomi i installed rooted rom but after installing when it opened it showed this message and it restarts couple of times in a minute and phone have gotten hanged
    i could not do the above because screen have stopped working.
    what could i do now.

  47. I have the same problem. My phone is Asus Zenfone Selfie. “Unfortunately the com.android.phone has stopped”. I already did the wipe data, hard reset 3x, and the error message still appears and it would not even let me put the wifi password to set up my phone as the error message knocks me back to the previous screen. What do i do? I tried returning it to Asus as the phone is still under warranty but they refused it as they were saying that the damage must have been due to update of OS to which is not applicable to non UK phones. They also said that the Asus update was sent by the provider and i shouldn’t have updated it (how am I supposed to know not to?) I bought this phone from a UK seller (online).

  48. I HAVE AN LG-G3 PHONE, it was working properly as usual but am disappointed once it started responding unfortunately the phone has stopped, what could be the problem, i have factory rest the phone but the problem persists

  49. I just did marshmalow update on my lenovo k3 note. But unfortunately after the update, all I am getting is com.android.phone error pop up flashing constantly.

  50. Priyadarshini Mahapatra

    this is priyadarshini……..i m getting a problem that is unfortunately setting has stopped while i m restarting my phne bcz my cache memory is almost full……i just saw a video from hoi got w to restart micromax canvas2 AQ4501and according to that video i did but i got a message that unfortunately my google setting has stopped…..i m in tenson..plz anyone help me…….

  51. Hi, I have a LG D-500 4g LTE, the issue i’m facing is that I had the “Unfortunately, process has stopped” and I first solved it by running my into the safe mode, Then, after few weeks, i hard-resetted my phone again and the same problem re-occured. This time, not even the safe mode solved. I hard-resetted over 3 times, but it still doesn’t work.
    Please help me.

  52. Hey, I have micromax canvas 4+ and heading the same problem but nothing could be work ?
    I don’t have any idea about 3 step.
    Give me the solution about it

  53. how can i reset the time & date if i can’t open the setting please teach me how fix this.
    Thank You in advance.

  54. I’ve tried everything yet to no avail. And my phone has no application manager, and it has refused to do reset phone(Motorola Moto 3g). What do I do?

  55. Chesca Rodriguez

    I have the same problem. I have my Cherry Mobile Flare J1 , And every time I reset my phone it appears in the lock screen and home screen , and if I press OK. It still appears , And when I try going to settings , It is only white screen . What to do ? Please help meeee.

  56. Im a user of lenovo k3 note,when i enter setting there is blank, so where to set and solve’unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped working. This happens after upgrading to marshmallow. Pliz suggest.

  57. i am not able to do methods as when my phone reboots it shows android.proccess.com has stopped and it triggers this messege repetedly , so not able to use the phone and i already factory reset it from recovery menu .my phone is karbon sparkle v and i tried to root it from kingoroot one but it was unsuccessful. kindly help me to handle this situation as soon as possible .

  58. Called Samsung (I have a Samsung Galaxy S5), they were very helpful.
    Tried a few things.
    Try starting your phone in Safe Mode. If you no longer see the error message than it is most likely an app.
    If you have recently installed any apps. Try deleting them to see if it solves the error message. If it doesn’t and you have recently updated, try updating old apps as their outdated versions may no longer be compatible with the system update.
    Knock on wood, my phone seems to be working now without an annoying message popping up every 5 sec. Yay!

  59. Santanu Roy Chowdhury

    Dear Jinsonkv,
    I take this opportunity to thank all of you for the wonderful and informative First&Geek blog which really came handy to solve the booting problem that I had with my Lenovo A7000 following a OTA upgradation.My mobile phone was showing “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” I followed #1 it did not work so I followed #2 and it worked perfectly.It saved me from worries, and am thankful to all of you for the support provided.
    Best wishes

  60. Hi, I have LG G4 H811
    its rooted but this message keeps popping and my phone is totally useless. Dead
    I did hard reset but no luck
    Would it be any miracle way to fix this?? I just bought recently… I really hope you could give some tips…

  61. Help..!!?? Have alcatel one touch, Kitt katt, com.android has stopped keeps appearing and after resetting phone (many Xs) phone insists I reestablish my Google acct however I can’t get the phone 2 accept my Google acct (4 got22 Bakup b4 resetting) whereas II’m completely unable 2 get in my phone any further.! Plz Assist?

  62. Sir i have samsung glaxy J7. And whenever i select LTE mode it shows process.com.android has stopped. please help me sir even i hve applied above 3 methods. Please reply please Sir

    1. Deborah Ruth Adams

      You have saved my phone. I was at my wits end trying every solution but factory reset. As soon as I tried what you reccomend it worked. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  63. Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped”.
    This error appears again n again after every 15 minutes.How to resolve it in coolpadnote 5

  64. i have changed 3 to 4 different roms but the problem is comming again and again with in seconds.my phone yu yureka plus yu5510.problem is Unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped.’ please tell me a right solution

  65. Jan Michael Sagun

    guys please help me, my mobile phone lenovo S820 pop-up messages of all unfortunately stopped like process.com, launcher, settings, google, i think all process had stopped unfortuntely.

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