Take Screenshot in Lenovo K3 Note without any third-part apps

Screenshot technique in smartphones are not a new feature but just some kind of extension of what we had already seen in Windows and Mac PC. If we take a look at the keyboard of a PC, we could see a Print Screen button which help us to take the screenshot in a quick manner. Screenshots can be very useful when you are asked to explain something in a clear way. It would be very easy to demonstrate something in a picture format than words. Check out developer option of k3 note.
People may think how that can take a screenshot on a android smartphone. Basically there will be three buttons for a android phone. One is power button and other is Volume Up and volume down button. Since there is no dedicated screenshot button, many people download and install some third-party apps for getting this feature. But this is really annoying. These third party tools may be filled up with advertisements and we were asked to pay for an ad-free version. What is the need of such apps, if we have this feature as inbuilt?
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How to take Screenshot in Lenovo K3 Note without any apps?

Taking Screenshot in almost all android devices are in a same manner. But only a few people knows about that. So after taking a new mobile, they look for how to take screenshot.
Screenshot in Lenovo K3 Note
As you can see, there we have three buttons for Lenovo K3 Note. One is the power button, then a volume down button and a volume up button. To take a screenshot, you need to press the Power button + Volume Down Button. The screenshot automatically get saved in your Mobile.

Lenova K3 Note – A quick look

Lenova K3 Note is going to one of the remarkable product from Lenova. The Flash sale of this product in flipkart is the big symbol for the success of this product. The product got out of stock within 5.2 seconds after the sale started. As per the official reports, nearly 47,440 units got sold on last flash sale. This flash sale reports are showing that. almost all guys started looking for the features instead of the brand name.
We know that smart phones of ASUS, Micromax, Xiaomi etc were pretty good with its features and have low price compared to Samsung, Sony etc. This makes people to choose the cheap mobiles in developing countries. Lenova k3 note is a big example.
The product is selling for just 9999 rs in Indian eCommerce giant flipkart. One of the best attraction of this device is the 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. It have 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. If we put a research, we could see that Asus Zenfone 2 is the close competitor to Lenova K3 note. But Lenova team is a step ahead. Even though both K3 note and zenfone 2 have similar features, Lenova K3 is cheap in the price. So naturally it get more sale than Zenfone 2.

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