UC Browser Review – Fast and Secure Browser for Mobile Phones

UC Browser App Review
UC Browser App Review

Looking for a fast and secure browser for mobile phones that allows saving data? UC Browser represents exactly what you’re looking for!
UC Browser Introduction
Android-based mobile phones now have amazing free browser – it’s the UC Browser. You’ll have a great time surfing the web and you’ll also be equipped with tools that both regular and advanced users would wish for.

UC Browser
UC Browser

UC Browser features
This modern browser features many things and one of those is fast download, which you can immediately recognize the moment you decide to download anything from the web. UC Browser is using their own servers in order to step up and game and offer stable and fast downloads without any failures. Even if you disconnect or anything unexpected happens, you can easily continue downloading later on because UC Browser keeps track on breakpoints.
You’ll have easy access to music and video along with nicely done UI and you’ll have smooth surfing no matter how much you overload it. There are plenty of TV series and movies that you can watch, and they are all categorized so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. You can search by categories like trailers, humor, anime, clips, war films, etc.

UC Browser Data Saving
UC Browser Data Saving

One of the things that make UC Browser stand out between tons of browsers is the ability to save the data. What basically happens is that UC Browser compresses data and speeds up the navigation which reduces surf time a lot. Besides that, you’ll also be spending way less data traffic for browsing. As you keep browsing more and more, you’ll be able to save more data and save more time as well!
Even though ads represent a way of earning money for the providers and way of keeping most of the things free, nobody actually likes them. With UC Browser, you won’t have to worry about ads because AdBlock will stop annoying pop-ups and ads that block sites and videos.

UC Browser Search
UC Browser Search

Just within little time of browsing via UC Browser, you’ll realize that everything runs smoothly. This is because UC Browser has many functionalities that make browsing a lot faster. First of all, there’s a mode for most popular social media called Facebook Mode. No matter what your network speed is, you’ll browse Facebook even faster. On top of that, this browser is based on a special U4 engine that UC created by themselves, that improves speed and stability by 20%.
Creators of UC Browser have done their best in order to keep the UX at its maximum. The problem that everyone was having with YouTube is now solved with the Small Window Mode. You can now easily place the video on the screen wherever you like and keep doing other things at the same time. Besides that, there’s also a Night Mode that makes reading at night more eye-pleasing.
There’s a special feature that UC brought to its users and that’s Cricket Card Feature. Cricket fans will now have easy access to live matches and scores and all the related information.
[appbox googleplay com.UCMobile.intl]
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