Why no visitors from Bing & Yahoo? 5 Facts you must admit

Why no visitors from Bing & Yahoo? 5 Facts you must admit

Everybody know that if someone build a webpage, it is very easy to drive traffic from Google search engine. Many of us felt that Google is the only search engine that drives traffic to a website. Then what about search engines like Yahoo and Bing? Whether people aren’t using it? Since these are the top search engines just behind Google, why we are not getting website hits from these engines? We hope this article will cut off all your doubts about traffic from Google Bing and Yahoo. We had made following assumption after handling 5 consecutive websites and making optimization on it.

#1:  Bing and Yahoo are ants in-front of Elephant Google

This is one of the biggest truth that every one forgets. People those are not getting any traffic from Bing & Yahoo forgets the truth that they are very tiny search engines while compared to Google. As per the reports, Google search engine holds the market share of 65% where as bing is much lower as 25%. Where as yahoo is just half of bing with a search percentage of 10%. Can’t believe this? Just ask your friends how many of them are using Yahoo and Bing? Answer may be very few.
This is the main reason because you are getting traffic from Google but not from Bing or Yahoo. If somebody wants to check something, they just Google it instead of Bing or Yahoo. Google gives very outstanding results as it is working based on Page Rank basis.  If we took 100 persons randomly, only 10 of them were likely to use Yahoo and nearly 20 of them used to search via Bing. All others may addicted to Google.
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#2: Domain name similarity important in Bing and Yahoo. But Not in Google

As I mentioned above, we had cooking this post by comparing traffic result of 5 websites. First website is one of our blog. Through our hard work, the website come near one of the leading tech blog in the world. Once it were are at alexa rank 10000. Daily visitors of nearly 15000. We made several stunning articles that had accepted by the world. Google Page Rank climbed from N/A to 2 within 2 months.  We Ranked for many awesome keywords in Google. But an interesting fact is that none of the pages received a single visitors from Yahoo or Bing. Even though we received more than 10000 organic clicks and 100000 impressions from Google on daily basis, Impression as well as click from Yahoo and Bing were a big ZERO.
As beginner in this website, blogging, SEO field i don’t care about traffic from Yahoo and Bing. I received a huge amount of money from the Google traffic itself through adsense. But things had changed after 6 months. I learned much more about SEO, web Designing, SERP tricks etc. So I just keep focusing biggest festivals and even niche websites. As a result I created one of my career affected website related to April Fool of 2014.
My April Fool website was one of the most visited website on April 1st. I try to put lot of interesting stuffs related to pranks. I focused on optimizing the home page. Also I choose a domain worth similar to most searching term on those week. The result was so impressive. With in the first week of launching the site, I started receiving visitors from Yahoo and Bing. Google was not there to help me. But after building some backlinks campaign, my site appear on the front page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, ASK, duckduckgo for the keywords April Fools pranks and April Fools Jokes.
My Confidence level increased a lot. Then I searched for upcoming events and Easter was the next. So I researched some low competition keywords and started two websites. Domain names were similar to that of the keywords. The second day itself, I found that I were at the top of Bing. After 1 week I achieved 1st in Yahoo. Before 1 week of Easter my keyword stand in the first page of Google. The keywords were Easter 2014 and Easter Bible verses.
After this I made good keyword position for some other events also. I personally do SEO for some local companies. Most of the became successful. Now only success failures also appeared.  In all my campaigns, I understand that keyword exact domain names will donate wide traffic from Yahoo and Bing.

#3 Huge no. of Backlinks helps you to get traffic from Bing & Yahoo

Getting visitors from Google without any backlinks doesn’t mean that you will receive traffic from Bing or Yahoo. If you have a variety of domain name for a keyword, you should need to achieve lot of backlinks for showing up in Yahoo. As I told above, I do many companies SEO. on of it was ranking up keyword Malayalam Movies. But the domain name was completely different. I am sure that it will be possible on Google. Company offered my double prize if it ranked up on Bing and Yahoo. I started making thousands of backlinks from all over the world. It was an unbelievable result. After 1 month of starting building backlinks the site appeared on Yahoo and Bing. But not on the first result. but on the first page of search result. I got what the company offered.


After research on our continues SEO projects, we figured out that buying exact domain against the target keyword is the easy way to receive visitors from Yahoo and Bing. But the working principle of Google Search engine is completely different. As Google is 3 times bigger than the runner up search engines, websites naturally receive traffic from Google. Another way of ranking up in bing and yahoo with different domain name is the backlink count. Bigger and better the backlinks, you will receive a good amount of visitors from these search engines.

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