Google Photos apk Direct Download [22.44 MB]

Google Photos apk Direct Download [22.44 MB]

Last day, Google had introduced yet another free service for people all around the world. Brand new service which is intended for storing, managing and sharing photos and videos had named as Google Photos. No need to compare Google plus with this service because both are independent to each other. At the same time of Google Photo’s initial release, they had implemented the same on Google play store and on Apple Store.
This is a happy news for those have bored with current photo storing service like Flickr. Google Photos have the same features as that f Flickr and its own advanced features. Like Flickr, Google Photos also targets the improvement of your storage and to improve how you store and organize your huge photo collection
google photos direct download

Features of Google Photos Service

#1 Fully Free Service with unlimited storage
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None of us can believe, Google photos service is totally free with unlimited storage. But it is a truth. If you are running out with your computer or mobile storage, you can sync it with Google photos. This will store all of your images in once cloud space regardless its number and resolution. Here there is a slight problem. You can only upload photo size upto 16 MB. At the same time, the videos quality are limited to 1080 p. The modern compression technology of Google will reduce the size of your image that you have uploaded. The uploaded image will be replaced by the compressed image. You won’t get the actual image you have uploaded. But both will be identical.
#2 You can purchase storage space for High Resolution photos
If you are willing to store photos greater than 16 MB, then you can purchase the storage space. For all google accounts, there will have a free storage of 15 GB. [Google Drive, Google Plus, Gmail]. Photos with more than 16 MB size will count in this storage space. One the allowed storage space hit, you will asked for purchase more storage space.
#3 You can see all of your previous Google account images on Google photos
You can see all of the images that you have uploaded to YouTube, Gmail, Google Plus, Google Drive once you have set up Google photo account. By default these images will be grouped by the date in which you uploaded them. That means, if you had uploaded 10 images on 1st January 2015, you could see all that 10 images under the date on Google photos. Google Photos has the ability to detect pictures of similar place, similar things and similar people. Face changing due to age will also get detect on Google photos.
#4 Inbuilt photo editor
If you want to make minute changes to your photos, the inbuilt photo editor will help you. There are many color filters for a quick modification of your photos. You can crop and make rotation of your images within this editor. Also you can increase or decrease the color intensity, light intensity, pop and vignette. If you got messed up with the edited image and the original image, you can revert the changes to the original one.
#5 You can create your album
Like other photo sharing platform and socila networking websites do, you can create your own album in Google photos. You can select desired images from your entire photos collection and group them under any album category. Once you create such albums, then it will be very easy to get found in future. There are some other features too. Multiple images can be combined to form better collages, panoramas, and gifs.


Google photos is not a new kind of invention or technology. It is just an expansion what already had implemented. Anyway this is going to be a popular service because Google are its developers. We all know that Apple runs similar service but it is somewhat costly than Google photos. There is little storage available for apple photos in free service and also limited to apple devices. By providing storage area of 1 Terra Byte, Flickr is most closest competitor to Google photos. Amazon also runs photo storing service but there is no option to upload your HD videos. That’s why I said above, Google photos is extension of some other service. But this is going to be viral because of brand Google.
Google photos Direct download
Download Google photos from Play Store

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