"You have been banned!" from Clash of Clans Now What?

"You have been banned!" from Clash of Clans Now What?

I know only clashers are going to read this article, so there is no need to describe about today’s most popular strategy game Clash of clans. We had already posted some stuffs regarding clash of clans including Client and server out of sync problem. We are happy that, for every clash of clans related posts, we are getting good response. This is very much inspiring and force me to write more for coc lovers. So today, we are with a new article regarding the ban of Clash of Clans game. Actually this is not a solution or trick to recover the banned account, but some tips to avoid getting banned due to our actions.
You have been banned clash of clans

Why You are getting banned from Clash of Clans?

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Here are the possible reasons why you are getting banned. These are some of the common mistakes that result in banning of coc account. So for any reason, please don’t do any of the following strategies and it may result in temporary ban of your account and if you do the same again, you will loss your village fore ever.
#1:- Using xmod for automating clash of clans game
Hope you have already heard about xmod games. If not here is a brief idea about xmodgames. Xmodgames are one of the trending way to automate some of the popular mobile games. Using this, you can automate games like Clash of clans, Clash of kings, Line Rangers, Candy Crush, Heros charge and so on. Using this, you can mod clash of clans and play it. In their last update, you can create troops and play dummy games in war. Also you can set elixir gold and dark elixir limit to find target village in multi player battle. This is very useful for coc players. But Clash of clans team will catch up such actions and lead your account ban. Here’s message from one of my Clan mate regarding the account ban.

Hai Jinson, I had lost my village. After the latest update of Clash of clans, I tried it with xmodgames for automating the multi player battle. I played it for more than 1 hour after that it showed a “Client and server error“. Them I restarted the game and not it is showing that, My account is banned for 31 days. It is my fault and I am not blaming anyone, Anyway I had contacted the support team and waiting for the reply. If you put this on your website, it may help thousands of people facing the same issue. Thanks.

This was a message from clan mate named “Riju” with Town hall 10 who lost his base by using xmodgames. Anyway xmodgames are not much dangerous as you thought but the chance of account ban is very high if coc made an update recently.
#2:- All clan members got banned due to clan description
Here is another reason why you along with your clan members get banned. Actually I was not aware about this kind of ban but on of our fellow reader, Thomas Moor from Germany had messaged me yesterday regarding this kind of issue. Le’s read what Thomas had said,

I am one of the daily reader of your blog and I like everything you put under Android category. Last day I had noticed that you mentioned and article regarding Clash of Clans account ban. Here is one more point to add which you haven’t mentioned. We have a clan named German Warriors with 45 members. I am one of the the 15 Co-Leader’s of my clan. We will upgrade Elder to Co-Leader once we found some one is too addicted to the game. Hence last day we added 2 more co-Leaders. I don’t know what happened. Now When I am opening coc, it is showing that my account is banned due to offensive description. Hope it was made my one of the 2 new co-leaders. Check the screenshot I have attached with this mail. So my point is that, If coc team found any offensive description on our clan, they will ban each and every members in the clan.

Screenshot sent by Thomas
account banned coc
#3:- Are you keeping any offensive village Layout?
You may have seen villages with some offensive layouts. Some people building this kind of base only for funny look whereas some others making this for irritating others. For example you can write anything using the Walls available in Clash of Clans. So using walls you could display porn layouts, porn words, symbols etc. Also you can badly display other countries, people etc.  If you are such a person, you will get banned. So avoid such situations.
#4:- Same accounts using multiple devices and PC
You can mess clash of clans server by playing the game simultaneously on two different devices. However the game automatically warn you that, another device is playing the game. For example Clash of clans can be installed on two devices and open at a time. Similarly it can be opened on PC using bluestacks. The terms of Service by supercell not allow this kind of play. So better, try to play this game only on one device at a time.
#5:- Keep calm in Global chat
There is an option to chat in Global chat section. Using this you can chat to players across the world. But you should keep calm in this section because if you say any obsessive words,  other players can report against you and lead to ban from global chat. This won’t block you from playing the game. But if you continue your behavior furthermore, you will be in their blacklist and lead to ban your account in future.

Now What to do If I got Banned?

Nice Question. The number of days you got ban depends on the offensive intensity you have made. So you may get 24 hours ban, 2 days ban, and upto 31 days ban. If you repeat the same mistake again, you will loose your village fore ever. So first of all figure out how many days you got banned. If they haven’t mentioned any, it will be for 24 hours. So if it is one or 2 days ban, keep calm and wait for that small period.
Sometimes you may got ban upto 31 days. You can’t wait for 31 days without playing this. So just send an email to Clash of clans support team for re-initiating your account. Try your luck by sending email to

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