Best way to trace Mobile Number With Name and Location

Best way to trace Mobile Number With Name and Location

Today we are again continuing adding latest tricks and tips to this blog and this is our first article of 2015. Everybody knows that technology leads the world. If a new technology came into market, there will be many developments along with that. In my opinion, Internet is the biggest technology that have invented yet. Mobile Phones make the Internet availability even more wider. As per the latest statistics, India is going to be in the top 5 list of mobile phone users.
One important thing we should keep in mind that for every technology, there will be some bad sides also. For example after the invention of Internet and mobile phones, many online criminal activities , cyber attacks and terrorism activities started execution.  Every day people across the globe receives warning and prank calls from others. Do you want to trace who’s calling you with the complete details and photo? Here we are showing the best online tool to discover and trace Mobile Number With Name, Location and with photos.

How to Trace the Location of mobile Number

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Sometimes you may wonder from where you are receiving the calls. So if you are is such situation, here are some online tools to trace out the location of a mobile number. All these tools are working fine in India.
#1: Mobile Tracker from mobileringtonesstore
This is pretty simple tool to track down the mobile number Location and the service provider details. Just go to and type the mobile number you want to track. You can see the details by pressing the trace button.
#2: Trace Mobile Number
Trace Mobile Number is also similar service like the above. It also provide the details of Mobile Number Location and Mobile Number Service provider. Go to

Truecaller to trace Mobile Number With Name and Photo

It had happened in the late 2009, two techies named Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam planned and introduced a new way of looking the mobile number.  They had introduced Truecaller app on a forum. But the response was extremely bigger than what they expected. With in the first month, the app had covered thousands of installs. [One exciting concern is that, at that period there were no app store to download the app officially] Finally at the beginning of 2010, both of them quit their jobs and focused more on the true caller for making it more user friendly and for providing more search results.
What made Nami and Alan to think about this mobile number identifier?
As I told above, the idea had discovered 5 years before, where people used to write the contact names and numbers on papers or in limited mobile memory. Since the mobile users statistics increased rapidly, it became very difficult to find the unknown calls or missed calls towards a number. At that period, Yellow pages and White pages were the only way to find unknown contacts. But they had many limitations. Since the Mobile Operators didn’t share the personal information behind a contact number, it seems to be utter difficult to trace unknown mobile numbers. Brain of Alan and Nami followed this issue and result in a wonderful application named true caller.

How To Track mobile Number and name through Truecaller?

Using truecaller is very easy job. Actually it works as a cloud phone book with billions of real contacts. Spam calls can be easy tracked using true caller application and with true callers online portal. Here is the detailed guide for using truecaller.,


  • In the main page itself there is the option to search the number you want. Just type the number and press search button.
  • At the same time, a pop up appears to make your that you login before going to search contact. Login to continue.


  • After making a successful login with truecaller, you can see the mobile number details. In some case, there will be no photos and also missing details in rare cases.

Truecaller Available in Android, iOS, Blackberry etc.

Since the application is available online, there is no need of dedicated application for mobile users. Whatever the mobile may, you can search contacts using the official website. But if you are frequently accessing this tool via mobile, the mobile apps help you for fast accessing and for better user experience. Here are the downloading link of truecaller mobile app in all markets.
Download Truecaller for Android
Download Truecaller for iOS
Download Truecaller for Blackberry
Download Truecaller for Windows
Download Trucaller for Symbian

Hope You understand how to track the person behind an anonymous call or message. Share this idea to your friends through your social medias. Also don’t forget to like us on facebook.

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