Every year, there will be some surprise news from team Whatsapp. Last year, they had bring calling feature for both Android and iOS and it became a great news and new milestone in Whatsapp History.
WhatsApp Messenger is the primary choice for messaging for all smartphone users as it allows fast message transfer with high security. Those who have any means of Internet Connection [2G/3G/4G/WiFi] etc can easily send messages to their beloved one without any extra cost.
One important feature of Whatsapp is the whatsapp group option. You can add your friends in some groups and make group chats easily.You can join any number of groups and create any number of groups.
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Whatsapp now allows 256 members in a group in version 2.12.437

One important disadvantage of Whatsapp groups was the limit of group members that a group can hold. While they introduced the group feature, only 15 members were allowed to join the group. Later they increased the group members limit to 50. Finally for their last update for group, they raise the group members limit to 100.
Anyway these 100 members limit seems like an issue for many people using whatsapp. Take an example of a small company owner with 100-200 staffs. Before the update, he need to manage multiple groups for passing any messages to his staff. Another case is about batch mates in a collage. For maintaining their contacts, the 100 member limit was a barrier.
So here comes the new update whatsapp 2.12.437 version which is not yet available on play store. By the update to this version, you can manage a whatsapp group with more than 200 members. The exact limit is 256.
Last day Whatsapp had officially announced that, they have more than 1 billion active users all over the world. They had also slash down the $1 fee after 1 year use. We can also expect free video calling option from whatsapp in future.
You can download Whatsapp 2.12.437 from here

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