Dubsmash tamil – Best 3 Tamil Dialogue compilations

Dubsmash tamil – Best 3 Tamil Dialogue compilations

Hai guys, today we are going to show some extra details about the service dubsmash. I hope all those who are in this page knows a little bit about dubsmash application. For those who are new to this area, here is a small description. Dubsmash is a video messaging application which is available on both iOS and Android market which primary intention is to share videos. Users can select their favorite sound track from the list or they can upload their own sound track. Related to that sound track, we can create our own videos and share it on Whatsapp, Facebook anywhere we want.
The service was initially started in Last month of 2014 which was founded by Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik. In the early days,it was used by many people in European countries and they just drop it off. After that in the beginning of 2015 April, more people in India started using this service and Dubsmash began to took back all the popularity it received at the end of 2014. Now In India, south Indian people those are talking Tamil and Malayalam language are widely using this service and new dubsmash are releasing every day.
Movie dialogues are the top using sound track by South Indians. They cut out popular dialogues from popular movies and use their lips to express those dialogues. Looking at the Tamil people’s social profiles, we could see that a Dubsmash fever had affected for these guys. Everyday thousands of peoples are looking for movie dialogues only for making their own dubsmash.[xyz-ihs snippet=”middle”]
One simple reason behind the popularity of dubsmash in Tamil Nadu is the Kollywood actors. Popular celebrities like Simbu, Soori, Vimal, Bindhu Madhavi, Premgi Amaren, Amala Paul etc had released their own dubsmash and this put an inspiration among Tamil Youth. These guys made their dubsmash videos viral through out Tamil Nadu.
Dubsmash is not only a fun or time pass but also a chance to prove someone’s acting ability to the world. It is not that much easy to imitate Start Actors like Rajinikanth, Vijay, Dhanush, Suriya, Ajith. Here are some of the featured Dubsmash Tamil videos that had recently hit the YouTube.
Dubsmash tamil videos

Best Dubsmash Tamil videos in YouTube

#1 Most watched Dubsmash Tamil video

This is the best dubsmash video that I had seen in YouTube. This video was released on last day of May and with in one month, more than 500,000 people watched on YouTube. Video lasting more than 18 minutes. This is also the biggest dubsmash video I had watched on Internet.

#2 Tamil Dubsmash of Baby Harshitha

Yet another interesting Tamil Dubsmash. The whole 7 minutes of this dubsmash was starring Baby Harshitha. Till today this video had watched by more than 600,000. Those who watched her performance had commented that, this is too much for her age. Just go through this viral video.

#3 Third popular Tamil Dubsmash

Here is the third viral dubsmash. More than 400,000 people watched till today.
What about the above dubsmash collections? Interesting Isn’t it? We are waiting for your huge response. Also don’t forget to tell about your favorite dubsmash videos.

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