[Solved] Forgot Pattern Lock in Android – Easy way to Reset

I can’t believe that the second day of handling my new mobile, I forget the pattern Lock of my android phone. It was 3 year ago. Android phones were very rare at our place. After one of my colleague bought Samsung galaxy Y all guyz were looking at him. I am not talking about America or UK. Here it is India, we need to hard work for buying anything special. All of us had some Nokia Java phones. He is the first person among our village who is buying costly touch screen mobile.
While he use his mobile for playing games, using Facebook, taking pics, I also decided to buy a new one. It was one of the vacation time. I ran errant for doing some work. 50 Km away from my home and earned 7500 RS [120$]. I spent all of my earnings to buy Samsung Galaxy Y. I became the second guy to buy a smart phone in our area. It was the first time using an Android device. I compare my old Nokia and new Galaxy Y. I was no able to believe how fast world changed with in 1 or 2 years.
I just told how I bought my new mobile and nothing serious about it. The real problem arise the very next day. I accidentally put some pattern locks and really forget it. Keep in mind that it was only 24 hours that I am using a smart phone. I really messed up. No one there to help me. As I spent my whole earnings there were no money to run to a mobile shop. Finally one of my friend solved the issue. Any way I just mention what situation made me to write this tips. I know that there will be thousands of guys who are in-front of the same mess.
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Three Easy Way to Unlock Forgotten Android Pattern Lock and PIN number

#1 Simply type your registered email and password
Whenever you starts the mobile for the first time, you will asked to provide a gmail address and password. Actually that gmail id is key to open your device. There is no need of Internet connection for this. Some people tells that whenever they lost the pattern or PIN, there are no Data connectivity. So they can’t login with their Gmail id and Password. You don’t bother about data connectivity. The mobile get unlocked automatically if you correctly input your username and password. If you are sure about your username and password and the device even fail to open, then it may be your device problem. There is no need of rushing into nearby mobile center. Try the second and third option then only pay for service executives.
#2 Provide your secret PIN number
After Gingerbread update, you will ask to provide a 4 digit PIN number before confirming Pattern Lock. This aims to make sure you can open your device once you forget the Pattern lock. After you try all of the 5 attempts, the OS ask you to wait for 30 seconds. You can try the pattern lock after 30 seconds again. At the same time you could unlock it by providing Gmail and Password or even using the PIN code. it is up to you.
#3 Secret resetting method if you forget gmail id, password or PIN code
forget android pattern lock reset
Try a reset. You may think what foolish I am. How to reset if the phone is locked. Here is the place where actual twist begin. You can reset your device through many ways. By going to settings button, Connecting to computer, Like customer service people do and by entering the android boot menu. We are doing it by entering the boot menu. Actually i am showing how to reset Android smart phones. All other devices have their own way to enter to booting menu.
♦ Switch off your Mobile.
♦ After your mobile get switched off, Simultaneously press the Volume UP + Home + power button for a few seconds.
♦ Now you are at the boot menu window of your device.
♦ There you can see a lot of options like Reboot, Apply update from SD card, Wipe data/factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition.
♦ You are asked to choose Wipe data/factory reset.
NB: Touch screen won’t work there. You need to navigate through the options via volume up / volume down button and the home button.
After you choose Wipe data/factory Reset, you could see that the device getting reset without any problem.

Problem that you will face if you perform a hard reset

Above mentioned way of resetting is widely called as android hard resetting. There is a problem if you so it. The whole data will lose. That means, all the files, pictures, videos, music that are stored on your device memory get swiped off. There will be no further back up possible. If you have very secret files there, it should better to go to a nearby customer care service center. If you have nothing to bother. This hard resetting choice is OK.
You can reset or unlock a forgotten android pattern lock by entering Gmail ID and Password, PIN number or through hard resetting your device. Once you forget these Gmail id and PIN, hard resetting is the only solution without going to service center.  But hard reset deletes all your files stored in your phone memory. SD card files won’t get deleted by hard resetting.
Your feedbacks are our strength. Whats your findings about this solution. Whatever your suggestion, please comment below. We are waiting for your comments.

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31 thoughts on “[Solved] Forgot Pattern Lock in Android – Easy way to Reset”

  1. Hey im using Asus zenfone 5.Using my gmail account to unlock pattern lock is not working.
    For factory reset is it necessary to have full battery?

      1. wow very good information i maded video fotr that after reading how to unlock asus zenphone max hard reset pattern pin password

  2. My phone is coolpad 1719. Someone tried to open my pattern lock and than its blocked. I’ve tried your suggestions but it doesn’t work. Please help me.

    1. Here is the step for resetting coolpad.
      First of all turn off your phone.
      press volume UP+Down button, and without releasing it, press the power button.
      Now you will be in the boot menu of your coolpad mobile.
      Now your touch screen won’t work. Use your volume button to choose, “Factory Reset” [Selection can be done with power button]
      After that scroll down to choose “Yes- Delete all user data”
      Now choose reboot option.
      Now you won’t see the pattern lock.
      Please reply me, if any problem occur.

      1. M using asus zenfone n i forgot my lock pattern as gmail account recovery is not working nor my device volume button is working is dat any other option left behind to unlock please help me..:-(

  3. I have an Asus Zenfone 2E and idk how but i can’t remember my screen pin and when I go to try to do a factory reset the list of options should read something like … “Reboot, Apply update from SD card, Wipe data/factory Reset and Wipe Cache”. However, there’s no “Wipe data/factory Reset” listed!!!!
    ALSO, on the main screen where (unless you’re a moron like myself and you forget your pin you’ve had forover a year) you can enter your screen pin to unlock your phone, at the bottom right it says, “Forgot PIN?” When I click that it then asks for “Username (email)”
    “Password ”
    I’m not sure which username/email and password they’re looking for!? I only know I’ve tried many of my emails along with their passwords, that work when I go to those sites. (EXAMPLE – Gmail.com or yahoo.com etc. etc.)
    Please help me …. ?

  4. hi i have a very basic phone that i use for emergencies and really need right now but it does not have a volume button. it asks for a pin but i can’t quite remember. is there anyway to bypass this or reset the phone without the volume up/down? the lock screen only has two options: ok and SOS which dials an emergency number. thanks a lot

  5. When doing the hard reset the zenfone model z00d has only three options in recovery mode. Reboot, apply adb update or apply update from micro sd. What do I do? I don’t know the pin or the Gmail as I got this phone from a theft recovery. Please help

  6. I m using Lenevo k3 note and I m forget my locking pattern I will try 50 times with wrong pattern but phone not ask about mail Id to open how can I will open my locked screen without loose my data?

  7. Hi am shubham and using Micromax android mobile. I just bought it i.e. 3-4 days before. But accidently i put a pattern lock on my handset eventhough there was nothing to hide. But after putting down my books, i went to my handset but unfortunetly i forgot my pattern lock that what it was. In fact i put my email and pasward over there but nothing was working for me. I try hard again and again to unlock but all in vain. I got frustrated even more that i just can’t let this know to my family as very hardly i got that and i had nothing to pay for unlocking it. But fortunetly i had another mobile (simple nokia c1 01). I went through internet straight away and ask it the same and i got your recomendation and easiest way to reset my handset, yeah i have to lost few files but that doesn’t matter for me.
    And i have unlock my handset and happy with that.
    I’d like to say a big thanks to you for helping and others who have taken advantages of this method.

  8. I am a user of ideos. I had set my security lock.i went on to do afew house chores and on returning tomy phone ihad already forgotten the patern,can i get any help?

  9. I am a Lenovo K3 Note user. Someone has changed my password pattern and now I am unable to unlock my phone.. Is rebooting the only option? Is there any other option to clear up this mess without my data getting lost? Please help ??

  10. Yes I’m locked out of my zenphobe 2e thru att. the option to do factory restore isn’t in my menu. all I have is reboot system, update from adb and update from microsd. what do I do

  11. hi i am using asus zenfone 2 laser i had forgotten my pattern i tried my linked gmail address and password the system is saying invalid username or password so what should i do without loosing my phone memory

  12. I have an inote have forgotten my email and pattern. When I do reset with on button and volume it is asking me for my pattern????? I do not know my pattern or email as I have not used the device for a long time

  13. My phone is coolpad note 3 lite, I am facing a strange problem, I have to reboot my mobile daily in early morning to run internet. It will not work until I reboot it.
    1.I had tried factory setting 2.software updated at service centre but in vain.
    Pl help.

  14. I have the asus ze500cl that I bought from a lady well she doesn’t remember the pattern or the email etc and when I try to factory reset it only gives me three options. In the recovery mode:
    1. Reboot system
    2.update from adb
    3.update from sd
    Any advice as to get into it?

  15. Yes I have a AT&T Asus ZenF…. HW_VERSION – 4….. BOOTLOADER VERSION – 2.52…. IFWI VERSION 91.37-DEV…… IMEI NUMBER G2AZCY03R104….. SKU VERSION – ZE500CL_EU_US….. SECURE_BOOT -? …….. I’m trying to reset it but when I go to recovery the option is not there….. what should I do? I can’t get into my phone because I forgot the pattern. …. any thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated. ….

  16. Hi after attempting several patterns on asus zenfone 2laser
    I am unable to bring window which asks gmail id n pasward .
    please help how do i bring that widow on my mob.

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