Manually Update Asus Zenfone 4 to Lollipop – Full Steps with pictures

We are going to post yet another tutorial based on Asus Zenfone models. Our recent article showing how to upgrade zenfone 5 to lollipop had helped thousands of Zenfone 5 users to update their device from Kitkat to Lollipop. Now today we are going to show you how you can manually upgrade Asus zenfone 4 to lollipop. Those who are new to this technical side, I recommend you to read our previous article. It will help you to understand more about the upgrading process.
The steps that we are following here is same as that of the Zenfone 5 upgrade process. Only one difference is that, we are using different files for both devices. The instructions are also same on both cases. Anyway, for better user experience, I am repeating the whole procedure to upgrade Zenfone 4 to lollipop.

Things you should check before update Asus Zenfone 4 to Lollipop

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Rooted Devices won’t work:- This is my personal experience. If your Zenfone 4 is rooted, the official lollipop firmware won’t get install on your device. Not only the Manual update, the OTA update will also sometimes fail if your device are rooted. This is because, your ASUS Zenfone devices have intel processor inside which won’t accept update if any system files are changed. So revert to the original version before upgrading to Lollipop.
Should have the latest version of Firmware:- To get the Lollipop update to be installed, you should have the Zenfone 4 with latest updated firmware. The latest firmware version suitable for Lollipop update is Zenfone-V6.6.3-2014xxxx. Check out the below screenshot. These kind of version is suitable for Lollipop update.
Manually Update Asus Zenfone 4 to Lollipop - Full Steps with picturesHope all have the above version of Zenfone 4. If you don’t have this version, first update it using the OTA. [OTA update means Over The Air Update which usually happens when you click the Check update button]
Check SKU version before download the Lollipop files:- There are mainly two types of SKU for your Zenfone 4 version. They are the WW version and the CHT version. This can be find out by looking the Build number of your device. So in my case, the build number is  WW_Zenfone-V6.6.3-2014. So my SKU is WW. If your build number is something like CHT_Zenfone-V6.6.3-2014, then your SKU is CHT. So when you download the Lollipop files, check out the SKU version. SKU with WW version can be only upgraded with the WW- files and SKU with CHT version can be only upgraded with the CHT- files.

Steps to Update Zenfone 4 to Lollipop Version

Step1:- First of all, keep in mind that this is not an OTA update. So you need to download the Lollipop files from official website to upgrade to Lollipop. Here we had collected the download links of Lollipop files of Zenfone 4 for both SKU WW and CHT. You no need to download both the files. Only download the suitable one.
Download Lollipop File for WW based SKU (WW- [779 MB]
Download Lollipop File for CHT based SKU (CHT- [808 MB]
Step2:- Your downloaded files may be in the Download Folder of your Android device. or you may have download it in your Computer. Anyway our next step is to transfer the Lollipop file to the root directory of the device. The root directory means the Internal Storage area. No need to extract the files or put in any folder. Simply place the file in the internal storage.
Step3:- Now you will receive a push notification saying that, “System Update File Detected“. If it doesnot shown up automatically, please restart your mobile. Again and again you failed to see the push notification, please transfer the file to SD card and restart your mobile. You will see the push notification.
Step4:- Click on the push notification. I put the files on both SD card and Internal storage. So for me, it shows two times. Check the below image.
Step5:- Press OK button to proceed the upgrading.
Some Screenshot of Zenfone 4 with lollipop versio
Now your device get turned off. It may require 15-20 minutes to completely upgrade to Lollipop. In between, your device get restarted a couple of times. So be patient throughout the process. Now you completed your part.

Some Screenshot of Zenfone 4 with lollipop version

Zenfone 4 to Lollipop how manually
Zenfone 4 to Lollipop
My opinion about Zenfone 4 Lollipop update is same as what I say in the case of Zenfone 5. I didn’t like the new update. The main reason is that almost all themes of Zenfone devices are of Zen User interface. So there happened no change. Changes are happened for the notification bar, Settings page, Message page and for all other inbuilt apps of Zenfone. There is only one new Wallpaper in this version. Also I didn’t found any bugs with this version. All apps are working fine. Bluetooth, WiFi, tethering, Camera, GPS, Sensor etc are working good. You can upgrade to Lollipop without any fear of data loss and such issues.
The above procedure are personally tested by me. If you have any doubts in the above steps, kindly let me know. I hope I can solve your issues. I will surely reply you within 12 hours for your comment. So bookmark this page once you post any comments for watching our reply quickly. Also if this page helped you, please share this and encourage us.

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173 thoughts on “Manually Update Asus Zenfone 4 to Lollipop – Full Steps with pictures”

  1. Randy Dwinanda

    Dear Jinson , I already update my asus zenfone 4 manually but that is get failed always and I don’t know whats the problem. I follow step by step but still failed update again .

    1. This can be happened due to the bugs in downloaded file. Usually happen if download get breakup and continue in any stage. This was my friends issue and I gave him the Lollipop files which I had used for update. Then there happened no issues.

      1. that’s right. It happened to me. when I downloaded it and get break up and then I continued later day till finished, it couldn’t upgrade. I tried to redownload without breakup, and it worked. thanks dude.

      2. Hi, at first I want to say thank you so much ! It’s really work. But I have 1 question and I hope you can give a feedback. After I’ve update my software, I’m trying to check for the update again and it appear something that I have to download (wifi recommended). So, do you think I have to download that update ?

      3. Hi Bro….. thanks for your post..
        I have updated my ASUS Zenfone 4 from kitkat to lollipop successfully.
        its working good but the battery drains very fast.. could you assist me.. how to downgrade to kitkat.

      4. i am use tha zip folder was exctred so 5.0 version was not working old version in kitkat so please help my what’s app number 8189927048 .tha push notifications not in display

  2. Excuse me, I really scared to update to lollipop especially when it’s getting failed n cannot on. The question is that you shared url link to download can I download it through my phone (asus ZenFone 4) without computer?

  3. bro..i downloaded the update and put it on my sd card and internal storag, but it is not detecting it even after several reboots.
    what do i do now?

    1. Actually, this is only the way. If you are not getting the notification, I don’t know any further remedies. One possible solution is Power off your device and Turn on again. [Instead of restart/reboot]. It worked for my friend.

  4. Thank You for the steps.
    Can you upload your update on Google drive.? I can’t download the file it’s showing error every time I try to download.

    1. I am really sorry about that. Here Internet Speed is really slow. It may took nearly 2 days to download the file and upload it to Google Drive..

      1. make sure your all apps will be up to date…and your system update are at latest version…and then you try this option…i followed this steps and now my zenfone 4(a400cxg) are now lollipop.i am happy

  5. Hey man. Thanks for ya help. Now I my zenfone 4 have been upgraded to lolipop. Easy methods to follow. Really appereciate it.

  6. People who weren’t able to get notification even after several cycles of power on and offs , make sure to have copies of downloaded file in both internal and external storage. after that switch your mobile off and on. switching it on you should find the notification.

  7. Hey! Really loved your article. Seems pretty easy to do all this stuff. Could you just tell me if I’m right to select the CHT version of the update and whether my firmware is suitable for the update. My build number was written in a different way as your screenshot. This is the link of my build number screenshot: http//

      1. After starting upgrade my phone restarted and its not opening. Its still loading for more than an hour.. restarted several times but not worked out

  8. 1st i have paste it in my internal memory then restart my ph then select upgrade , then its erasing, after that its same old os but again i download same file and again restart my ph then its installed properly, thanks bro…

  9. Thanks a ton for this post! I transferred it in my sd card and updated it!
    1. Beautiful UI
    2. Lockscreen is better than ever
    3. How can we forget that lollipop game 😛
    1. Shortage of memory space from 703 MB before update to 29 MB after update although i had the update file in my sd card
    2. Unauthorised restarts. Now, it’s stable though 🙂

      1. Bro I upgraded the lollipop but the play store and YouTube is not work in properly so what I do bro please after see the commons please replay.

        1. I already know that YouTube have some sort of issues.. It is already confirmed on many forums. But I don’t know the issue with Play Store. Please explain the issue with Play store bro…

          1. hello i have the same issue with play store on my zen4 ..its now upating or downlading apps..its shows only download pending and doesnt downloading..

      2. Hey, i downloaded the file then i also moved it to intenal as well as external storage then i restarted my phone then i also upgraded selecting the package but after reaching 1/4 part it gives some unknown error
        Can u suggest me a solution

  10. Thanx bro for ur update , i had load ur link and try installing it for first time it’s been error . And I load it for second time and install it . It’s successful . Nice version but there is no much different with the older only few new upgrades . Thanks a lot bro 🙂

  11. Hi
    I factory reset got advice from previous comment and now its done

  12. hello i did all the instructions on how to upgrade my zenfone4 and now its totally fucked up it keeps loading for a day now pls help me how to fix it or reverse it thanks. 🙁

  13. after it completed the update and it restarts it just stays at the loading screen with the logo and my phone does nothing else, i tried to restart several times and even left it over night to load but still nothing

  14. hey friend,
    am also follow all of your steps its now upgrading from last two hours n only start up screen display its stuck there 🙁
    What can i do now???

  15. HI Jinson,
    I did the manual updated based on the instructions given above and the phone is not switching on after that….Its been more than 12 hours now…..Please help at the earliest

  16. Sir .. well my downloaded games and apps well be lost if i updated to lollipop im using t001 400cxg and i need to reformat my device b4 i upgraded ..??

  17. Hi bro I downloaded the file I installed the file thn it’s is showing that system update failed Wht to do Nw bro plz reply

  18. Hi bro I download the file n when I installed after that it is showing that software update has been failed y it is showing like this way plz reply

  19. I download the file n copied to internal storage I got notification every thing fine but my is not starting or it is stopped in asus in search of incredible from 1 hour , I removed my battery n tried to reboot sevral times what I have to do now what happened ….

  20. i downloaded and updated it.
    but it doesnot worked. my phone got stuck showing Asus showing a loading symbol but not get loaded to the ROM .plz help me

  21. i had updated my Asus zenfone to lollypop 5 after updating power button keypad lock is not working so please help me

  22. just followed the step .. and now it have passed an hour to restart the interface it normal to be like this ?

  23. i tried to root before but wasnt successful, did unroot again,later tried to unlock bootloader wasnt succesful again then did locking, i have kitkat on my asus 4 , but there was problem in between these now as i try manually updating lollipop , installation starts and aborts saying critical system error (3) system rstored to previous state,help me with this issue

  24. mrinmoy bhattacherjee

    i got the lollipop in my zenfone. i thing its one very useful.
    can u tell me about honor holly lolipop update

  25. bro i’ve follow your steps to update my zenfone 4 but after that my phone had stuck on boot animation and its not proceeding. what to do ?????

  26. please help me… i update my zenfone 4 to lollipop but after updating my phone is keeps on loading with the asus sign. should i reboot it or not.

  27. hey bro, i can’t update my os to lollipop. it said that my storage not enough. but i have 2.5 gb free on my device. pls help

  28. I have downloaded lollipop & tried to install on mobile, my mobile is not started and displaying progress circle since last 24 hours. Kindly help

  29. im following all the steps u given,.. but now my phone cannot start and it stuck at the system.. its been 12 hours alrdy..what wrong with it

  30. Hey bro..i follow all the steps when the update started after some time it got error in installing..then it showing ERASING then i switched off the phone..but when i again turn it got stuck on asus logo and not processing just please help me bro..i also contact care and they told me powerup+volume up button..then it show some please give your advise..

  31. i downloaded the file and did as you instructed..but while upgrading it crashes and i have to do a factory reset..any solution for this.

  32. I have downloaded the file but the phone doesn’t show the notification of update.
    I have also copied the file in sd card and internal storage.
    Please help

  33. Hey, I’m very excited about this upgrade. I’ve downloaded the file via my laptop then copy it to my ASUS internal storage & SD card. The “System Update File Detected“ push notification appeared and I was following the next intruction, but after my phone shut down and installing the ‘Update’ then restart, it can’t going to home screen, it still on the start screen/loading screen. I’ve waited for long time but it still on the start screen/loading screen. Thank you before, hope you can help me.

  34. As upgrading my phone restarting and then only showing the screen logo of ASUS with processing only after having patience of 1hr of upgrading

  35. my device zenfone 400cg is unable to update the latest vertion of lallipop V7.4.6 (Android L). i have lallipop v7.3.3. Please help me.

  36. Hi,
    what will happen to the internal storage after done upgrade to lollipop?Is that files would be dissappeared and the internal storage become normal(before download the files)…and can I download that files without using computer?

  37. My zenfone 4 update to lollipop was failed!!!! And now my phone cannot open!!! What should I do to repair back my phone? Please help me….

  38. Hey keep up th good work.,…sorry i seem to b struggling…Tried copy pasting in root directory of internal n external storage. Dosn’t detect after restart,reboot, power on off. Ne other ways to update!!. Thanks in advance

  39. the update does not work!i put the lollipop files in internal storage then the notification came the i choose ok. then after the update the scrren is stuck in the loading screen ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE when i restart the same thing happens how can i turn on my phone

  40. There’s a problem!!!I will recall what I have done and I have updated firmware
    I put the download files in internal storage
    When the notification show I choose OK
    The update started
    The update finishes and Turning on
    I am stuck with the loading screen @ ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE
    I am asking for help on how to turn on my phone

  41. Hi,
    Whenever I try to update the firmware on asus zenfone 4 TOOI it throws me an error. I am updating correct version. Also is it possible to flash the zenfone 4 TOOI. I have checked many software however it has not worked

  42. I have been restarting and turning on/off my phone for so many times but the notification don’t show up. What’s the problem with that? Do I have to turn on wifi or anything?? Please reply. Thanks

  43. I already updated my z4 yesterday. But until today it keeps on restarting. What should I do? Is ther any problem with my phone? Please help. Thanks

  44. Whenever I try to update the firmware on asus zenfone 4 TOOI it givea me an error. I am updating correct version.
    Also is it possible to flash the zenfone 4 TOOI. I have checked many software however it has not worked. Please check and assist

  45. Hi
    i have downloaded ww based file and i later got push notification and it got upgraded but the problem is that my phone won’t start
    it shows the asus logo and nothing else

  46. I have done all thing… But when i tru to open my phone it loading at asus in search of incredible too long.. What can i do??

  47. Plz help me in updating my asus ZenFone a450cg by posting similar way…anyway ‘ll it be the same procedure in Asus ZenFone A450cg

  48. i try and he update almost 5 hours , and my handphone cant start , I dont know what to do , i hope you can you help me

  49. Hey bro , can you give me ways to stop the install , I install and he take almost 10 hours , now my handphone can’t start, I dont know what to do.

  50. Help please. I followed everything but got stuck with the restarting part. I’m pretty sure it won’t take long for my phone to restart, right? But it takes hours and I can see that it’s still restarting. Is that supposed to be that way?

  51. Bro I tired it by putting in both SD card and internal memory. It turned off and for a second a Android image came and again Turned off . Now after it turned on there is no change it showed that same kitkat version(4.4.2)Now what should I do bro

  52. Hey,
    Looking at your very nice article on the manual upgrade for the Zenfone 4 to Lollipop – I jumped in. But unfortunately, it got stuck at the point where after everything got downloaded/the ‘system upgrade available’ message got submitted/device got restarted multiple times.
    Yet the screen has got stuck in the graphic just before booting after the new files were properly run – meaning the small round animation below ‘Asus – In Search of Incredible’ is running continously for the last three nights.
    Can you please help?

  53. What is SKU WW and CHT? and how to know which one to take?
    after update to Lollipop “App installation setting ” install all apps on SD card works?
    Please let me know

  54. Hello. Today I tried to upgrade my phone in a way that you show. I managed and my phone started to upgrade. But after a while, when my mobile phone will light up, he kept rebooting endlessly. This lasted for about 2 hours. Then I tried to restart it, but it still happens. What should I do?

  55. Hey!!!!I installed lollipop on my asus zenfone 4,But after the installation process it didn’t boot up and was stuck on the screen showing “Asus In Search Of The incredible”Later I hard reset the device,all my data was lost but i got lollipop……..
    and next time please show how to root the same device………………….

  56. hello there,just wanna to ask if the update is successful and done,can i delete the file that i download(WW- on root folder?

  57. i already updated it but my phone won’t open back. even if its is oven it only shows the asus logo and a loding sign(?) which will bw never ending. please help me it’s urgent.

  58. first, it shows push notification. i clicked ok then while erasing it shows error, and from that didn,t show notification…i restart as well as switched off my phone several times as i have pasted the file in sd card too…..

  59. HeY bro. .
    aFter this update ..
    would I be able to use all apps , which I’m using now in the old version?? without any problems??
    like CoC n all..??

  60. now only i had downloaded this zip was succesfully installed in my device zenfone 4..but it gives me some trouble .. i cant able to download the app from playstore .its showing that update google play services. i went to update that ,but its not showing update option..pls fix this.. im waiting for your reply

  61. after sometime it shows the google play service update..i had downloaded but it was not installing…it shows only installing installing…… hour gone now also it shows installing

  62. hey bro!
    my phone is stuck between this process and shows ASUS logo which it shows during startup for a very long time … about 3 hrs..
    what do i do now?

  63. Mr,
    I tried to upgrade my zenfone4 . I follow all the steps carefully . After shutting down the phone stuck in the logo .

  64. I will try this update 4 my zen4…thnks a lot n wait 4 my new firmware…
    But i worried if my fon got broken/dead…ha3x
    Thnks again bro n wait 4 my updte…ha3x

  65. it’s taking sooo long to update………. won’t move after it filled 1/4 of the bar.. i don’t know what to do……

  66. Hi ,
    i M facing a problem.. i have downloaded the file for ww version ..i placed it both in memory card and internal memory . and when i pasted it automatically took the pop up for system update .. bt now its taking time my screen there is a only a buffering logo with head line ASUS IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE ..nd almost last 45mins this is the screen .what to do ?? please help

  67. After I the notification popped and I confirm it, the phone reboots and after it nothing happened. I even restart it multiple times. What can i do?

  68. my phone didn’t turn on. it keeps on loading for it to open. what happened ? can I remove the battery and put it back on ? will it work ? please reply immediately

  69. Hey bro , i tried updating my asus zenfone 450cg but it didn’t worked,is it necessary that the build number should be as mentioned above coz i do update whenevr i get any notification for update nd now there isn’t any such update nd my build number version is something v4.5xxxxx .so what should i do plz guide

  70. And also while working on it shows ‘unfortunately that particular app is closed’ pls solve my problem….while restarting the app it is not oppenning…..

  71. And also while working on phn it shows ‘unfortunately ,that particular app is closed’ and while restarting that app it not opens…..

  72. I did go as per the instruction and it did pop for update, after selecting the update, the phone never turned on. I even got it full charged, now the phone is neither turning on nor am i able to factory reset.
    Please HELP

  73. HI Wha after upgrade to Lolipop, all system change? and what the better thing will be happen? (sory my terible english.. ) i know a little bit.

  74. jinsonkv,
    HI Dude, i copied the lollipop update version in my internal storage it was detected and installation started, finally it came to ASUS PAGE but it was going further it almost completed 1 hour.
    Even i restart the mobile again it was coming upto ASUS page and showing buffering symbol.
    Please advice

  75. I got error to upgrade my zenfone a450cg (t00q) approx 30to40 %complete I got error I will download same sku version but I can’t complete plz help me ???

  76. Chiranjibi Dewangan

    thanks jinsonkv for your initiative about lollipop on asus zenfone 4.
    I’ve never imagined about if it can be ever updated to lollipop.

  77. MD. Yeanur Rahman

    My build number is jss15q.ww_zenfone-v4.1.0-201404-28.
    Would I able to upgrade my android version to lollipop.
    Please let me know soon.

  78. Hey bro…..i downloaded the file…..i had the notification and confirmed the install…..when the phone finished it rebooted and lagged on the asus logo …..maybe it repairing for the new system…but it lagged on the logo for more than 12 hours….please tell me what is the probleme…..i followed the touturial step by step

  79. J Vasanth J Vasanth

    In my zen fone 4 I update but it come erasing and atomaticaly restarted stuck in Asus logo

  80. I previously had WW_2.22.40.54, but it had Mic problem (mic was not working while on call as well as in sound recorder ) . So i upgraded to WW_3.24.40.87. but still mic problem remains unsolved. Finally, I decided to downgrade to WW_2.22.40.53 / WW_2.21.40.44 from Lolipop (WW_3.24.40.87). But this time notifications dont come even if i put file in both the location in outermost directory. I SWITCHED off and ON as you rightly suggested but still dont receive notifications.
    pls help me getting notification.

  81. Hey please tell me my Asus zenfone4 cxg i download a zip files and i download it and i copy this files to internal storage and i received a push notification system update and i ok that and next system upgrade time error that so what a problem please tell me….

  82. hey jonson plz tell me i download your ww version zip file for my Asus zenfone 4 a400cxg and it system upgrade time error….plz answer me…what is solution….

  83. I have a question…does this have any risk of getting the phone bricked? I have already bricked a phone by trying to flash rom. Plz help.

  84. Mohammed Zibreel

    My zenfone 4 hangs like hell ….what to do with it? Any idea…Wil it be solved if I update it to lollipop??

  85. mrunal bharate

    Plz help me. I have updated my phone but it is not switching on. I have tried so many time to switch on. What’s the problem. I don’t know what to do plz help me

  86. Should i take backup of my file and applications before upgrading it to lollipop and will this version make my ram faster?

  87. Do I really have to update my apps in order to install the system update? It eats a lot of my internal storage. Or are there any specific applications that has to be updated in order for the system update to be successful? Thanks.

  88. Sir
    I am used asus zenfone 400cg.
    I am follow up your instructions.
    Power off completed and install stage error notice. Than reboot normal windows open. Lollipop 5 not update. Please need your help

  89. I reseted zenfone to factory settings. Copy both files to root of sdcard and root of internal memory, but i still don’t see “system update” message. I tried restart, turn off and on. Still nothing. Any ideas? Thx

  90. Hi Jinson
    When I am trying to update it shows NOT ENOUGH MEMORY SYSTEM UPDATE ABORT.
    What shall I do……Please Help

    1. Hi JinsonWhen I am trying to update it shows NOT ENOUGH MEMORY SYSTEM UPDATE ABORT.What shall I do……Please Help

  91. I downloaded the zip file and then applied the update which said no connection and said erasing and didn’t update at all just gave a restart. I don’t know what to do… Pls help

  92. After all method i did.. whet my phone restart its stop on asus logo.. it is not opening just stopped on asus logo,.. what can i do. (sry for my bad english)

  93. Thanx jinsonkv for this update
    I would like to update my zenfone 4 to android 5 but my phone information is different .
    it is : jss 15q ww_zenfone – v4.3.11
    Can i use your Download Link?
    Thanx for respond

  94. Hye .. 1st of all thanks for da info n step by step! now i have been upgrade my hp into lolipop vrsion .. so far the features realy sufficiently good n really fast ..can i ask? if that have any risk if i’m delete the files that i have been downloaded at my hp?

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