[Solved] Error retrieving information from server in Google Play Store

[Solved] Error retrieving information from server in Google Play Store

Once again welcome back to out android device discussions. With in one month, we had covered many of the android device related problems and its solutions. You can take a look on those solutions. We had received tons of appreciation regarding our previous fixes like process com.android.phone had stopped and app could not be downloaded due to an error. You are welcome to take a look on those solutions.
Similarly Error retrieving information from server is also a common problem android users sees when they try to download anything from the Google play store. You can do the same steps as what we do for bluestacks market not found and unknown error code during application install.  In this article also we are going to share similar solution idea.
error retrieving information from server

Resolve “Error retrieving information from server”  in Google Play Store?

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There is no correct answer or definition for this. It can be happen due to many problems. Among them, we can describe the basic reason for this error on Play Store.
#1:- May be due to some temporary Play Store issues
This can be the main reason. All systems have a  possibility to crash itself. If the play store or the downloading app undergoes some updates, there may be a chance of sync problem between the two interfaces. It may be a temporary issue. Just wait for some time and try re downloading. This may help you to get rid of Error retrieving information from server issue.
 #2:- Check whether it is only for a single application
You can check whether the above error message is appearing only for one application or for the whole application you intended to download. If it is happening for a single application say Facebook, just download it from any other external source. You could able to find the .apk file of the application by just searching it on Google. After downloading the file install it and you can escape from this server issue. This method is inefficient if you are receiving the same error for the whole application you download from play store. If so, please proceed with any of the following solutions.
 #3:- Clearing the Cache may work
You can try a cache clear of Google Play store application with a reboot. This will not make you any problem and you are completely safe with this method. For clearing the cache follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings
  • Application
  • Google Play Store
  • Choose “Clear Data & Clear Cache.”
  • Perform a reboot.

Many had found this as a working solution for this issue. You can also try this.
#4: Resetting your device
We are 100% confident that this technique will works fine. Resetting your device get rid of most of the common android device issues and provides you a clean copy of the android OS. Here’s the step for performing a reset.

  • Settings
  • Phone and Storage
  • Factory Reset

Doing factory reset will delete all of your file in the phone memory. So before proceeding make sure that you have a backup of all of your images, videos, contacts and application in cloud storage or on a SD card.
We hope that at least one of the solution mentioned above works for you. If you have any other idea or information about Error retrieving information from server in Google Play Store, please write it to us. Our readers will found it as helpful. Your valuable comments are our asset. Also don’t forget to share this page.

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